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How To Uninstall Bluestacks

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How to completely get rid of RocketDock on windows 7?
I am trying to install Bluestacks app player but it keeps giving an error message saying RocketDock is installed on your machine. Bluestacks is not compatible with Rocketdock. Please uninstall it and try again. When i uninstalled rocketdock it still came up with the error. Please Help!!!

Install rocketdock again, and use revo uninstaller to uninstall it. Revo will delete left behind files/folders, and registry keys. Then try to install the other program. Revo is free, scroll down for the download link:

How do I completely remove Bluestacks?
I installed Bluestacks the other day so that I could create an Instagram account without needing my phone with me. I installed the Instagram app in Bluestacks, set up the account and all was fine. I went into the Add/Remove Programs section of the Windows 7 control panel, found Bluestacks and uninstalled it. However, I STILL have an "Apps" library that the program created: ( I have gone into all of the C drive and deleted all Bluestacks files and folders, and then emptied the Recycle Bin, but it won't budge. Even if I right click on the Apps library and choose delete it comes back the next time I turn on my PC. How can I get rid of this pest?

Try cleaning registry or do a full scan because it then looks like a virus

Bluestacks won't uninstall?
Okay, so I present two problems to you. Firstly, Bluestacks is taking like, 5+ minutes to load. It's loading right as I type this. I used it fine this morning, it worked perfectly, loaded in a couple seconds. Now I haven't been able to use it since this afternoon because it's so slow. So I tried uninstalling it. I went into 'uninstall a program' and I click Bluestacks, then I click 'Uninstall/Change'. A notification shows up saying 'Are you sure you want to uninstall Bluestacks?' and I click yes, but then it doesn't do anything. I can uninstall the Notifications Center, but I'm afraid of what that will do if I uninstall that first and not the App Player itself. Help?

Download and install Revo Uninstaller [Free] Select it from the list of installed programs. > Force remove it. Or go to C:\Program Files\[Folder in which the program was installed] delete all the files in it.

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