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How To Read A Dmp File

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How do I read DMP log files in C:/windows/minidump?
Do I need a specific software for *.DMP? How do I know exactly what cause my computer to crash? Thanks... Does A re-installation of windows help in eliminating all crashes problems?

They are understood by debuggers. For example Microsoft Visual Studio can load them, you open them as a "solution" and select "start debugging". In order to get more useful information from the result you also need to point the debugger at Microsoft's symbol servers and any third-party symbol servers. If you are not a software engineer then the information a debugger will give you is likely to be of little use. The only useful information you might get is the name of the DLL that caused the crash (which is also displayed on the screen during the crash); from that you might be able to work out the cause, or at least piece of software responsible. The only action your likely to be able to take is to upgrade the culprit or uninstall it.

why does pc screen go blue and crashs when playin oline poker?
i think it reads memory dump or dmp.files ?

A computer's registry is one big database that has numerous files, options, and settings. These settings and options keep changing with every second of you using your PC and can lead to the damage of some of these settings. This causes errors to show up and the computer to have a BSOD. Registry cleaners software scan the computer's errors and matches all files and settings with the applications that use them. If it identifies any file or setting to be damaged, missing, or corrupted, it provides you with an updated list of the same and also repairs these errors. Therefore, if your computer keeps crashing and need to fix blue screen of death a good registry cleaner is all you need. Your computer can also cause problems because of redundant files in its registry. Registry cleaners identify all these redundant and junk files that were left over during the uninstalling process of hardware of software and delete them. This makes sure that the "computer keeps having the BSOD" issue is taken care of.

How do I open, manage and read these files in English?
YDB, DMP, DATA, RDF, DAT, BAG, BAK, MFL. Also, someone was using my computer how can I tell if they configured anything on here? I ran across a parentlock file that was accessed on a day I wasn't on my comp but I couldn't open and read the file. All of these files came up in numbers letters shapes and everything else but english. Please Help, I think something funny has been done to my comp.

those all extensions are text files as i think , but you could look at its size , if it is small ( like 10 KB to may be 1 MB) to make sure . if you open it and see it as symbols , then those files are used by another application that is setup on your computer. - you could look at control panel / add/remove programs and see if there is any program you are not sure you put it on your computer so you could remove it or you can setup a program to monitor all you running process and files so that you can know what program use those files by looking at that program it is great process and file handler you could use

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