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How To Make Fireworks In Minecraft

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how do i make the fireworks work in minecraft?
It allows me to make them and when i shoot them off i can hear them but they is nothing showing on my screen. i am play in 1.4.7 with a few mods in place but everything else works so why wont the fireworks? what should i do to make them work?

Make sure when you craft the firework rocket you use a firework star in the crafting recipe. You should put it in the middle square in the top row. Check the crafting recipes on the Minecraft wiki.

What is wrong with my minecraft texture pack?
When i create a minecraft texture pack by taking minecraft's files and editing them, the transparent texture such as around torches and windows shows up as white. Plus my dirt is all out of whack.

The torches and similar things are like that because you are editing the terrain.png file with a program that doesn't support transparency. As for the dirt, depending on what program you are using, make sure for whatever tool you are using to edit the blocks, anti-aliasing is turned off (if it has an anti-aliasing option). On the program called the fill bucket has an anti-aliasing option and it's automatically turned on, FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Programs that support transparency: fireworks (Adobe and Macromedia) Adobe photoshop gimp 2 Programs that don't support transparency: Microsoft Paint that's all I can think of

How do I make fireworks in Minecraft appear?
With the new 1.4.6 update, fireworks were added. All I can see when I make one/ or try to get one in Too Many Items, they aren't visible. All they have are outlined corners.

The texture pack isn't updated yet just use the default texture pack for now

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