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How To Find Chiral Centers In A Ring

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What are the functional groups and chiral centres in a molecule of fluoxetine?
In the molecule fluoxetine C17H18F3NO, what are the functional groups and chiral centres, and if someone could tell me what a chiral centre is that'd be great? also are both the carbon rings called benzene rings or would you refer to one or both of them as Pheynl groups?

look for the strusture at following link etheral oxygen and amide groups are present. the C atom having all the four groups different form each othe, is called chiral C. and i think only one carbon [attached to O, benzene ring, other CH2 and H(not shown)] is chiral, c if u can find another.

Organic chemistry ?: How do you find the chirality centers in cholesterol?
I understand that a chirality center has 4 different things attached, but how do you find the chiral center when it has multiple rings? I cant tell how to find the chiral centers of cholesterol.

Since cholesterol isn't symmetrical, any carbon that has four different substituents attached is a chirality center. In comparing substituents, you may have to extend the comparison to one or more carbons. Keep going until you find a difference. Don't stop at a CH2 on either side.

What are the four groups attached to the chiral center of 6-gingerol?
Also, what is the chiral designation for the carbon? R or S?

Wikipedia gave the IUPAC name for gingerol as (S)-5-hydroxy-1-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxy phenyl)-3-decanone This name gives gingerol as the s isomer. The chiral centre is at the carbon 5 atom, bearing the alcohol group. Working from there, the 4 groups attached to this carbon are a pentyl chain, a hydrogen atom, an alcohol group (hydroxy) the substituted phenyl ring attached to a short alkyl chain and ketone group; (4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-3-butanone Note these names of the groups are different from the name for the molecule, since the molecule counts from carbon 1, thats the one attached to the phenyl ring, but you are asking for substituents to the chiral carbon (carbon 5) note

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