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How do I splice my jib halyard?
I have a stainless wire rope halyard that I would think should splice to a dacron line in the same manner as my mainsail halyard. It has plenty of length, but I don't like the idea of having to cleat the wire rope. Should I splice it to a length of thicker dacron line? Would it be simpler to crimp an eye onto the wire rope and attach the dacron with an eye splice?

You shouldn't cleat the wire rope. The way this is done, is the wire is spliced to the dacron halyard rope, which is then the fed over the crane or through it's pulley, and brought down as far as you can without the rope going over the pulley. Then the snap shackle is nicro-pressed on the end. When the sail is fully hoisted, there should be a couple feet of rope halyard near your cleat. If not the wire has to be shortened at the shackle end. In some cases a Ball is swaged to the wire rope, and a fixed attachment placed on the mast. Then a down-haul is used at the tack to pull the sail tight. If you use a winch to hoist the sail, it can be a cable winch or a rope halyard winch. If the rope type you must have enough rope so that you can rap the winch and cleat it, before the cable reaches the winch. You can do the splice yourself if you are confident in your splicing skills , or you can buy one pre-spliced. Note: different head sails might require different lengths of cable to allow for enough rope at the base of the mast. So, check your longest sail first. From experience, are you sure you don't already have a wire/rope jib halyard? Some people confuse the Spinnaker halyard for the jib halyard.......

What's a loop similiar to the eye splice when a spice is unavailable?
I need a loop that I can fit around my wrist that won't choke up on my wrist, but the rope i'm using can't be spliced.

You can tie a bowline.

What is a good knot that I can use to attach a 2inch steel ring to the end of a1/4 inch rope?
I want to attach a 2inch steel ring to a segment of 1/4 rope. Kind of how that metal clip is attached to the end of a dog leash. The rope that I'm using is Nylon. Can anyone tell me how to do this so it's nice and neat? I've looked at alot of boating knots but none of them are neat. They all leave a tail piece after the knot is tied that can't be cut short.

If permanent use the Eye Splice or Chain Splice and if you want to be able to remove them I suggest the Bowline on the Bight. You should to be able to find what your looking for on this site, which I think is fairly good. P.S. Check out the Sliding Splice under decorative knots.,jpg&

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