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How To Exchange Dollars For Silver Coins At Banks

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where can i take my silver dollar coins to exchange for cash?
i have 10 liberty silver dollar coins (2005 & 2006). today i see that the value of silver is a little over $17/oz. do they exchange them at banks? if not where? i live in detroit if anyone knows a specific place. if not just give me the kind of place and i'll find one nearby. thanks.

Banks do not deal in bullion (silver, gold, platinum, etc.). The link is a search engine for ANA approved coin dealers. Please note coin dealers will only pay a percentage of silver spot price for they must make a profit, so please try at least two dealers. You may try to sell your coins on eBay, but you will have to pay the fees there. You might also try selling them to a local coin club. I hope that helps.

Where can I go to get paper money for my dollar coins?
I have so many Susan B Anthony dollar coins and half dollar coins and silver dollar coins and I want to trade them in for cash but don't wanna take them to a coin machine because they take some of your money. I want just full on coins for cash. Please let me know if any banks or anything will trade them in for you?

most walmart stores hae a 'star machine' that will exchange coins for dollars and there is a small fee.

what is commonwealth bank's charge for exchanging large sums of silver coins?
i have a whole bag of silver coins and i'd like to change them into notes or dollar coins. i saw a machine that counted money but it might only be for when you'd like to deposit coins.

YOU PROBABLY WOULD NOT WANT TO GO TO A BANK AS YOU ARE NOT TALKING FACE VALUE HERE, RATHER SILVER CONTENT. Go to a dealer in precious metals who buys and sells silver coins.

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