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How To Divide Long Numbers

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I feel stupid for asking this but, how can I do long division?
Im already going to 9th grade, and still I don't know how to divide long numbers, I could do division with regular 1 or 2 digit numbers. What do I need to do to do long division? Give me steps. Example with this: _______ 39) 4486 No cruel comments, I feel embarrased enough asking this.

Try to explain without being actually able to show you. First step is to see if you can take 39 into 44--can you? if you can, you do, subtract, carry remainder and bring down the next number---once you bring down the next number, can you take 39 into it? (yes, because 44 subtract 39 = 5 bring down 8 now you have 58) how many times does 39 go into 58? 1, right? multipy, subtract--you have 19 left over, bring down next number which is 6--now you have 196--how many times does 39 go into 196? 5, right? and then you have 1 left over, which is your remainder so your answer is 115 r.1 The steps for division, just to review, are these...divide, multiply, subtract, carry, and bring down. You follow through these steps in long division as many times as you need to. hope this helps some--it's hard to explain here instead of showing you on paper.

How do you divide a number by a decimal?
I have to make this poster about dividing numbers by a decimal, but i'm kinda stuck on what to write.. any help?

Best shown by some examples: 300/1.5 Multiply top and botton by 10 to get: 3000/15 then do the divison 21/ 1.237 = 21000/1237 etc The general rule is that you mutiply top and bottom by 10,100, 1000, etc so you get a whole nuber at the bottom. Don't forget to to do the same to the top! Then simplify the fraction if possible, do long division.

How to divide numbers by hand without using a calculator?
I'm usually pretty good at math (trig, algebra, calc, ect.) but in middle school and elementary school we were never taught long division (I think that's what it's called) so I don't know how to do it(or any other technique). We just went straight into using a calculator. Now I'm in high school and I really want to learn. Could someone explain it to me easily so that I understand it?

It's a bit difficult to explain it here because the formatting is so limited. These sites should help. The coolmath one is written for people much younger than you, and the colours are hideous, but the lesson is good and the "monster" will generate examples for you to work through. Good on you for wanting to learn how to do this yourself and not have to always rely on a calculator.

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