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How To Divide Line In Autocad

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In Autocad 2006, how can I divide a line in intersection points with other lines?
I have a line that several lines intersects with that and I want to divide my line in those intersection points. How can I do that in Autocad 2006?

highlight the line and right click it and choose break, or you can use the trim/extend command

Using AutoCAD 2011, How can I give a long line of text a sprial effect?
I have a long line of text that i need to show as a spiral effect. Can this be done using CAD2011?

No command for draw text along curve. In web I found Autolisp routine for draw text along curve (polyline arcs) but is for 2004 version, now this routine not valid, I receveid error because use DCL language not supported PARTIAL SOLUTION You have ARCTEXT command (if you have menu Express installed), this command draw a text on 1 arc, not spiral. You draw spiral with polyline, then explode and sub-divide text for any arc

How would i draw a horizontal cylinder in autocad?
I can't figure out how to make a horizontal cylinder, any help would be appreciated. (like a pipe lying on its side.)

You can either contruct a cylinder and then rotate it having first rotated the UCS or you can rotate the UCS and contruct the cylinder directly in the correct orientation. To construct the cylinder you can use a circle and one of following methods depending on your end requirements: 1) the quick cheat is to simply give a circle some elevation in the properties dialog popout. This will shade OK and even export well to 3DS Max but the top extruded end is not selectable andit doesn't explode to seperate 3Dfaces. 2) a circle drawn and be geometrically divided with lines to form a polygon. The polygon the can be copied to the require distance and then to two forms can be patched over with various 3Dfaces. 3) a circle can be used to generate an object formed automatically of various 3dfaces using the commands TABSURF or REVSURF (see AutoCAD's help for details). The number of faces the cylinder has is control by SURFTAB1 (and SURFTAB2). This object and be exploded to 3dfaces and may treated as a 3d solid by external 3d programs. 4) a real 3d solid can be constructed using the SOLIDS options in the draw menu. All the best, Mike

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