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How To Divide Large Numbers

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What's the best way to divide large numbers?
I want to know the best way to divide large numbers without a calculator. i know the basic method. Here is an example of what I mean e.g 432 000 divide by 45000. thanks

In such calculations... 1. Firstly cross the zeroes, given in the calculations. In this que. 432000/45000 will change into 432/45. 2. Nextly, check if the two numbers have a common factor. If yes, divide both of them with the factor. 3. After you get the smallest possible digits, divide them directly. _____________________________________________ There are some tricks that I invented myself to divide/Multiply a no. quickly by 5... *Multiply by 5--- Say, you need to multiply the no. 49625 by 5. Steps... 1. Put a zero after the digit. Now the no. becomes 496250. 2. Divide the no. by 2 and you get the answer. Dividing a no. by 2 is always quite easy... So, it is! Add a any no. with 6,7,8,9 ending numbers--- Say, you need to add 824 to 429.. Steps-- 1. Choose the easier digit( In this que. 824 is easier as it ends with 2) 2. Add 500 to 824. Easy! you get 929. 3. Subtract 70. You get 829+30 = 859. 4. Subtract 1. You get the solution i.e. 858. Thats it! If you practice it a bit, you will be able to solve such question quite easily and even without a notebook! Best Of luck! Thanks!

How do I divide large numbers?
How do I divide large numbers? For example: 9,362,021 divided by 18,972,350. If you take the 9 and divide it by 18, it comes up with 2. The answer is 0.493. i don't think that's the right method.

9,362,021 รท 18,972,350 is irreducible The decimal approximation is 0.493

How to do the bus stop method with small number divided by a large number..?
Please help, I have a test on Wednesday and it isn't a calculator test, but I need to do small numbers divided by large numbers without a calculator. For example 17 divided by 34, how do I work this out on paper? Thank you for any answers I really appreciate it! :-)

17=17 34=2x17 so 17/34=1/2 God bless you.

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