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DDoS: How can you get information from a DDoS attack?
I understand that a DDoS attack will cause huge delays and it will make the system stack. But how can hackers use DDoS in order to get password and other personal information?

DDoS attack is not designed to gain the target machine's information. It simply floods the target computer's incoming channels with so much data that the computer finally crashes while dealing with this huge amount of data. But, if such an attack is controlled to a certain extent and combined with a secondary tool, like a keylogger or a spyware in its data stream, it could get personal information as well. Albeit, this combined environment is very hard to achieve.

How to prevent a ddos attack?
Okay, so I play a game called RuneScape, call me a nerd idc. Anyways people like to take it too serious and me and my old clan would go into teamspeak servers so they've got my ip, and now we kinda dislike eachother because all they do is flame and now they threaten me with a ddos attack. I don't think they actually have the power to do that but can you help me avoid this? Thanks.

You should be careful when using Teamspeak/Ventrilo servers as they expose your IP to the operators. To prevent DDOS you should change your IP, in order to change your IP address turn off/disconnect your router or wireless to obtain a new IP address. By changing IP address the attack should be useless because you no longer have the old IP ( the one they have ) and it won’t affect you. You should check if your IP has been changed or not, to check open Command Promt (cmd.exe) and type ipconfig or simply go to this site which is easier to do :

What exactly do DDOS attacks put strains on?
I know ddos attacks are just extra connections but planned and coordinated. When a server goes down to DDOS attacks what components can't keep up? Is it some server hardware? Like the CPU, RAM, or something? And how would you build a very strong web server?

A variety of things may not be able to keep up. Sockets have overhead, generally based around CPU. Even if the socket only takes 5ms to create and 5ms to destroy, the message queue can back up pretty quickly in a good DDoS. To be honest, the best way to avoid DDoSes is to not piss anyone off/not make yourself a target. It takes quite a bit of money to be able to handle today's botnet DDoSes. One TCP connect from 100k zombie computers really sucks. But 100k clients is nothing in the botnet world.

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