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How do i know if my Diana Camera took the picture?
So, this is my second attempt at trying to take a picture with my Diana. Apparently last time I inserted the film wrong, so none of my pictures came out. How do i know if i took my pictures right this time?

If you've loaded your film correctly, it is only a matter of making sure you take the following steps. Your camera prefers a high speed film. Choose a color or BW film with an ISO rating of 400. Think SAFE! S - Shutter setting. For normal outdoor photos, set the shutter to N. A - Aperture setting. Set the aperture to the appropriate symbol, depending out the lighting conditions. Sunny Semi-Cloudy Cloudy P (Pinhole) If you accidently have your camera on pinhole, your negatives will be very underexposed so nothing will come out. If you are shooting with a slower speed film (ISO 200 or 160), you will need to adjust the aperture accordingly. If it is Sunny outside, choose the Semi-Cloudy aperture. If it is overcast, choose the Cloudy aperture. F - Focus setting. Determine how far you are from your subject and set the lens to the appropriate distance. E - Expose your film by tripping the shutter lever. Wind the film to the next frame # in the counter window, and repeat. If your film is still coming out blank, it might be that the shutter is defective and not tripping when you press the shutter lever. You should verify that the shutter is working correctly. With no film in the camera, open the back and point it at a light source. Trip the shutter while looking at the inside of the camera. You should see a flash of light. If you don't, try setting the shutter to B and try again. The shutter should stay open for as long as you hold the shutter down. If it works, switch the shutter back to N and try again. Still no joy? Your shutter is defective and you should contact Lomography (if it is still under warranty) and see about getting a replacement. If it is out of warranty, check out my youtube video on Diana+ shutter repair. For more tips for you Diana, visit my website: For how-to videos, check out my youtube channel:

How do I know when the film is out on 35mm cameras such as a Diana Mini?
How do I know when I've ran out? Do I have to count every picture and remember? Or is there some kind of counter?

35mm film cameras like the Diana Mini have film counters, so you will be able to tell when you run out of film. For an Out of the Box look at the Mini, see my video on Youtube: For more tips and tricks for lo-fi cameras, visit my website: For more how to videos for many different lo-fi cameras, check out my YouTube channel:

Can you make mask modifications for the Diana mini?
I just ordered my Diana mini and I'm a new lomographer, so I'm pretty excited. I've been seeing some pretty cool stuff regarding the holga and different masks you can make to add some cool effects to your pictures. I was just wondering if it can also be done with any of the diana cameras as well, specifically the diana mini. If so, what can I use to make these mask modifications?

There aren't any mask mods for the Mini. The camera has a built in mask mod for changing from square frame (24x24mm) to half frame (17x24mm). You can't really do anything else to the built-in masks, like include the sprocket holes for instance, since this is a 35mm camera, and the sprocket holes are needed for their primary function, to advance the film and film counter. I have an out of the box video for the Diana Mini on my youtube channel: I also have a how-to load video: Be sure to pay particular attention to the counter reset, which is done by tripping the shutter while the camera back is off and before you put in the new roll of film. For more info on lo-fi photography, check out my website: I also have more how to videos for Diana, Holga and other lo-fi cameras on my youtube channel:

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