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How To Communicate With Ghosts

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How to communicate with ghosts without a ouija board ?
Can someone please tell me how to communicate to ghosts without a ouija board? And also how to make my brother and cousin not afraid because earlier they wanted to do all of this ghost stuff and they bailed out so I was left alone. Thanks :D

Ghost are real there traped between worlds. You contact them by spells praying to them and talkin. But you can get a evil sprit as more of them are cause there lost and confused and will take advantage of the living.

How are people born with the ability to communicate with ghost?
Ive been watching the show called Long Island Medium ( i think that is what it is) and how are people born with the ability to communicate with ghost? I recently watched True Life I Have A Sixth Sense and they were able to commuicate. This girl said that what the dead little girl was feeling she felt that way. For example if the deceased girl was feeling sad the girl was feeling sad How are people born with this?

In my personal opinion, I think everyone can see ghosts. It just depends on the ghost really, whether they want to be seen or not. Good question, love it, though I can't find a direct answer to that. I guess its just there, the ability, waiting to be used. I can sense the presence of ghosts by the way, just saying xD

What are these ghost communicating tools called?
On TV and such they show ghost hunters and other people communicating with ghosts use certain tools. I remember one being a silver necklace type thing with a pointed charm that you use to talk to a ghost. If I recall correctly it swings either clockwise or counterclockwise for yes or no answers. Another tool was these too bars that the person held and the ghost would move the bars so they would cross to answer the hunter's question. Anyone know what these are called?

The first thing you talked about is called a pendulum. I read my pendulum by if it swings back and forth, yes; side to side, no; and in a circle, I dont know. The second thingy ou talked about is called dowsing rods. these ones are aluminium rods, they cross when a ghost(or water) is there. you can also use a "Y" branch from a rose bush, hold the two closest together, and follow the third one (this is used to find water). Hope this helps.

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