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How To Check Balance On Net10

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How can I check balance of another mobile number from my cell phone?
Also how can I recharge the balance of another cell number from my phone?

The only way to check a balance of another phone number, is to either have the phone with you or to all customer service and ask them. Yes, you can recharge another phone from any phone! Depend the company though on how to do it. If its Tracfone or Net10 you'll need the ESN/IMEI of that phone to add on any time. With Virgin Mobile you'll need there V-Key...With any other carrier you simply need the phone number

What are some good prepaid service plans with actually popular phones?
I want a really cool, popular phone with a camera, internet access, preferably full keyboard, the works, but without a contract, it has to be prepaid, like you buy the phone card and load the minutes on whenever you want like tracfone or net10.

First of all, you can use any phone-it does not have to be a prepaid phone. For instance, with T-Mobile you can get a prepaid SIM card without a phone, and put it in any of their phones (or other GSM phones that have been unlocked). T-Mobile has some great options. First, they have Flex Pay which is a sort of hybrid between a contract and a prepaid. Y ou pay ahead of time, but you get to choose a plan. There are no overages-if you run out of daytime minute,s for instance, you simply would not be able to make any more calls during the day. But if your plan had unlimited nights/weekends you would still be able to make those calls. You could also use a prepaid card to add funding to your phone until the next billing cycle begins. It is great-I think I am going to go with Flex Pay once our contract is up, if I stick with T-Mobile. They also have Sidekick phones, and a prepaid Sidekick plan. For $1 a day, you get unlimited texting, email and internet/data usage. Note that it charges every day, whether you use the device or not, and voice calls are extra. THey also hav a "Pay by the Day" plan, which I recently got for my children. You pay $1 a day on the days you use the phone, and that includes unlimited calling to other T-Mobile customers and unlimited calls to anyone else after 7 p.m. (until 7 a.m.). If you do not use the phone for a day, $1 is not deducted from your balance. This works for us, because they only use the phone when they are dropped off at Scouts or baseball practice, etc.-I want them to always be able to reach us. Check out all of T-Mobile's options at

turn off the automatic screen display of minutes on net10 phone?
I just bought a Net10 phone ,and I LOVE IT it's great .BUT i am tired of the minutes being displayed on my screen it drives me INSANE and I know there's a way to disable it because when I tried to research it people said they did ,but didnt explain how . HELP !

Go to PREPAID icon in the menu. Then AIRTIME DISPLAY when you are in the prepaid list. Then select OFF. I hope this helps. You will have to go to Airtime Balance to check how many minutes and service days you have left.

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