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How To Center Layers In Photoshop Cs6

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How do you snap the cursor to guides in Photoshop?
I want to snap my cursor to the very middle of my canvas. I have made two markers that are in the centre of the image and I want to snap my cursor to the very centre. Also if there is a way to do this without using guides, that will be great, I just need to snap my cursor to the very centre to draw some shapes. I am using Photoshop CS6. Thanks for any help in advance!

You are going about this all the wrong way. Draw a shape anywhere, it doesn't matter where. CTRL+Click the shape layer and the background Layer - so you have both selected. Choose the Move Tool. Click on the align horizontal and align vertical icons in the Tool Options along the top of the window.

Attaching pictures in Photoshop?
I use Photoshop cs6 and I'm trying to put four photos together (side by side) to make it one big photo. Help?

New document. Import each image to a separate layer. Press CTRL T to and scale the image to the size you want. Hint: hold shift to scale image proportionally and alt to scale from the centre of rotation. Just move and scale to the desired positions.

How to do this style in Photoshop CS6?
I like the ads of The CW this Fall 2012. It's a photo where some parts of the original photo were blown up and black & white then the center of the ad is the colored and original photo. It's like this, photos from Gossip Girl series finale promo Pls help me. I want to try this in some of my projects. Thank you!

Duplicate the background layer. Resize the duplicated layer (Background copy) to fit like you want it. Blur the background layer, add effects to the duplicated (Background copy) layer. Done.

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