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Flying lessons in the UK. How much on average do they cost to get your licence?
I am thinking of learing to fly. The websites they have are all very vague. Does anyone have any idea of the cost per lesson on average or the cost to take a block on average? I live in Glasgow. What does your basic pilots licence allow you to do? Carry Passengers? Is it all as complicated as it sounds?

It's ten years since I learnt to fly, and I've since called it a day. Also I qualified before the JAR licence rules came in, so I don't have the exact figures. Hourly rates vary greatly. Also the way clubs charge varies: some charge for the time between brakes off and brakes on; others charge by "tacho" hour. The advantage of "tacho" hour charging is that if you spend 15 minutes in a queue to take off, the engine is only idling, and tacho counts more slowly than when you are airborne. Ten years ago I reckoned on £100 per hour, including landing fee. I think you need a minimum of 45 hours to qualify for a JAR licence, the chances are it will take longer than that, especially if you learn at a busy airfield, where the taxi-ing counts towards your hours. With navigation equipment, text books and exam fees, I would estimate that a PPL would cost at least £ 6k today. I'm guessing, and maybe someone more recently qualified can give a more accurate figure. Once qualified, the PPL allows you to fly any British-registered, single-engined aircraft, up to 5700 kg anywhere in the world, in Visual Flight Rules conditions (daylight, good visibility, not in cloud and in sight of the ground). So as well as the common-or-garden Cessna 152 and 172, and Piper PA-28, you can fly Tiger Moths, Spitfires, Yaks, Jet Provosts. An instructor must sign you off on each different make of aircraft before you can fly it as Pilot in Command. As you live in Glasgow, you might later consider some form of instrument training, that would allow you to fly through and above cloud, and a mountain-flying course would be useful. While I have now stopped flying with no intention of returning to it, I loved everything about learning to fly: first take-off, first landing, first solo, navigation, emergency drills, spin training (truly awesome), even the book learning. I have some fantastic memories from flying: my instructor asking me to pull over on the apron after ten hours of lessons, climbing out and saying, "Don't go to France."; watching the setting sun reflect off the underside of my wings over the Thames estuary; flying lower than the masts of yachts along the Blackwater (while observing minimum separation requirements; seeing my plane's shadow race across the top of cloud, surrounded by a circular rainbow; basic aerobatics: loops, barrel rolls, stall turn; did I mention spinning? taking my future wife to France for lunch. To my mind, getting a PPL is a worthwhile exercise in its own right, even if you don't take it further. I would say that this is at best a single person's enterprise: there's less other stuff to compete for your time. I hope this was useful, and wish you luck, whatever you decide to do.

Are the Champions at 6300 IP better than the cheaper ones in LEAGUE OF LEGENDS?
I've heard some calling the most expensive heroes Tier 3. Does that mean they are better than the champions at 3150, 1350 and 450? Why would they cost more than the others if they are'nt better. I would like to play with Twicth, Caitlyn and karthus. But are Ashe, Master YI and Nunu not just as good??

Generally, the cheaper ones are the champions deemed by RIOT as "easy to play". Price can somewhat differentiate god and bad champions, for example: Master Yi's role is primarily a melee dps carry, and costs 450 ip. Lee Sin is another melee dps carry, who costs 6300, but Lee Sin can be considered better because he has more utility, and brings more to teamfights. On the other hand, we can take Ashe, a range attack damage carry, who only costs 450, and Caitlyn, who costs 6300 and is also a ranged attack damage carry. Ashe can be considered better/more useful to a team because she has a lot of utility (2 spells that slow, 1 spell that shows an area, and 1 stun/slow spell), as opposed to Caitlyn, who has one shackle that is hard to land, a single target slow spell, and piercing spell, and a single target damage only ult. So, price really doesn't have a say in whether or not the champion is good. Even Soraka is considered a very good and viable pick, even though she only costs 450. Here, check out this site. I refer to this called a tier list. It is usually updated every important patch, and rates the characters in tiers, which are determined by early game, mid game, late game power, as well as farm and team battles. On the site are other tier lists for solo queue, and jungle queue. This one is for draft mode, or championship draft, where you ban champions and stuff. I hope I helped a bunch :) pacmanguitarist

What hero would you recommend me in DOTA 2?
In LoL, I like to play Yi, Tris, Varus, and Rammus

Yi: Rogue Knight. Rk's sorta the same concept. Stun the target, followed by activating your ulti and auto attacking the target to death. Tris: This is a hard one. Sniper has the mega range like tris, but requires too much farming. Morphling has waveform, which is somewhat similar to Rocket Jump, but has shorter range. Varus: No idea what this champion is. I quit LoL when DotA 2 came out. Rammus: The only epic tank in dota 2 right now would be axe with his aoe taunt. However, he doesn't have rammus's powerball speed nor the passive spikes ability. You'll need to purchase blademail. 2nd EDIT IN RESPONSE TO THE TARD BELOW ME: Good God, 1600 elo solo queue and that's top 50 in SEA?! Platinum grade ELO players are above 1900 LMFAO that is OBVIOUS proof that you don't play at all. 1600 is ridiculously commonplace. Anyway, let's move on to your points, albeit, terrible ones. Alpha strike is HARDLY a burst. It's a jungling and ganking tool with no actual damage late game on a AD Yi. How is that even comparable to strafe, which gives 110% ASPD for a total of 10 freaking seconds? And what's your excuse for that horrible comparison? "there's no exact champion to hero comparison anyway" hahaha People use meditate mid-battle. Who knew? And here I thought the bonus 300 armor and magic resistance would've given it away. Meditate is used effectively as a tanking tool if enemies focus fire on him while he's meditating. Death pact being a "huge upgrade" is -_-. Death pact requires a nearby sub unit and is simply not an effective heal. It heals ~500 HP late game and gives a bonus of ~60 dmg late game when used on creeps. The heal is highly insignificant when facing actual carries. You can't even run the numbers. Seriously, how many games have you been playing? Again, here you are mocking my RK comparison. With what? You didn't even provide a counter argument. I'm not going to bother reiterating myself. If you have been present in the competitive field of LoL, you'd know that master yi is almost never picked at all. He only takes 2 roles. Solo top, and as a Jungler. EVERYONE except supports go for last hits. LoL doesn't even offer a denying system. Searing arrow removes the enemy's ability to deny their creep before BF gets the last hit on it. Least I can poke holes in that wall of text you call an argument. All you managed to pull off was a "LOLOLOL". Windwalk is in NO WAY an upgrade to highlander. The only similarity they share would be the bonus movespeed. Just because windwalk makes you invisible doesn't make it an upgrade. Highlander gives you a ridiculous bonus 80% attack speed for goodness sake. Tristana is literally one of the best carries in LoL. Heavy carries in DotA and LoL have very different definitions. Carries in LoL are always laned bottom with a support, and are 90% of the time RANGED. Carries in DotA on the other hand, are 90% MELEE. Ashe lacks proper burst for snagging early kills, and has a massive item dependency in comparison to the other 3. What on earth do you even consider a carry in LoL? Once again, absolutely zero counter argument provided by you. Next paragraph, where's your point? In what damn way is PotM similar to Tristana? I don't really care what other heroes you consider challenging. I answered in accordance to TS's questions. He wanted a hero similar to Tristana. You even said it yourself. "Sure, there's a clear divide between the gosu players and the newbies when they use heroes like PotM or SF". And what is TS? A newbie. "looking down on TS"...? /facepalm You shouldn't look down on TS either, what with not being able to use dagger on axe and all. Moving on. Once again, are you even reading what you're typing? Leap can leap between 2 edges of the river WHILE Tristana can only do one. Why is that? Oh I don't know. MAYBE BECAUSE DOTA AND LOL HAVE TWO DIFFERENT MAPS? Both offer 2 DIFFERENT effects. NEITHER ONE IS A FREAKING UPGRADE. Hey well done! SOOO you picked out 1 difference, in comparison to the 3/4 skill differences I picked out between PoTm and Tristana. I'm going to ignore the part about sniper, because if you even bothered reading my post, you'd notice that the only similarity I mentioned was both heroes having the longest range. "Nope, Rammus is a ganker". Which part of INITIATOR do you not understand? Rammus is one of the best junglers in the game. I'm talking actual gameplay here, initiating being something you do in a major team clash. Not ganking, which is probably when you usually die as the ganker, and end up leaving the game. QSS removes debuffs, while BKB gives you MAGIC IMMUNITY. How are they comparable? Rammus is a key disabler in taking out carries, QSS or not. You didn't even mention the existence of Exhaust. Very unlike Rammus, Sven actually gets killed by carries while Rammus will never be focused on by carries. @TS: Apologies for the long edit, but some morons really need to learn their place.

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