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How To Cancel Preorder On Itunes

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is there anyway to un-preorder an album from itunes?
i pre-ordered the new demi lovato album 2 weeks ago, but i found it on another website today. and the quality is perfect! is there anyway to undo the preorder?? instead of spending $10.

Should be able to login to iTunes and cancel from there, think the option is "manage preorders".

Help?!? Accidental double purchase?!?
Okay, so I preordered of an album on iTunes. I saw that it was availiable Monday night, even though it was supposed to come out Tuesday (today). Anyway, I downloaded the album, since sometimes preorders are availiable a little later, and I assumed that it would automatically cancel my preorder. I paid $11.99. Today, I opened iTunes, and it informed me that my preorder was availiable. I checked Purchase History, in my account, and I had been billed again for the same item!!!!? How can I solve my problem? =O BTW, I know this is in the wrong section; Iwasn't sure what section to put it in...=/

iTunes is really good about this kinda stuff. they will probably put the money back in your account. just tell them what happened

Is the Best Buy version of Humanoid by Tokio Hotel going to have all 19 songs?
I preordered the album Humanoid by Tokio Hotel on iTunes and, I just want to know if the Best Buy version will have all 19 songs (including 'Down on You') so that I can cancel my iTunes order. If it does have all 19 songs I will cancel the iTunes preorder! Please answer, I need to find out b4 October 6th!!! Thanks! P.S. If u don't like Tokio Hotel please don't answer!

A Deluxe Edition exclusively sold at Best Buy stores in the US will feature both the US Deluxe Edition on one disc and the standard German edition on a second disc.

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