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How To Cancel Pimsleur Approach

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Should I just send it back?
I got the Pimsleur Approach to learn Italian, but I keep hearing that the place I got it from is bogus. Is there anything I need to know? Should I just send it back? Can I call the place and tell them not to send anything else (because now they want to send me a 30-day trial thing)? PLEASE get back to me quickly! Thanks!

There are a lot of not-so-honest places that sell Pimsleur. The 30-day trial thing they want to sent you isn't really free--they will bill your credit card--and it's expensive. You should definitely call them and tell them not to send anything else--otherwise they will keep sending you stuff--and they will keep billing your credit card! Pimsleur is a great program, but you should only buy directly from Pimsleur. It's cheaper and safer! I actually sell this software through my website, and I only sell through the official Pimsleur website (which is owned by the publishing company Simon and Scheuster--the company that owns Pimsleur). Good luck! Remember, you can always cancel payments by calling your credit card company!

How am i going to tell my mom about this?
Im 13 and i feel like ive just made a huge, huge mistake. Ive always been fascinated with anime and manga and stuff so i decided to learn Japanese. Then i saw the pimsleur approach. For those of you who dont know what that is, the pimsleur approach is a horrible scam that is supposed to teach you a language in ten days. I wsnted to buy it the moment i saw it so i showed it to my mom and my brother thought it was a scam and my mom also had her doubts. I was convinced it wasnt so i got my mom to buy it with her credit card (relax, i gave her the money afterwards). The video i watched was very, very convincing, and it said that for $10 ypu could learn a language in ten days without the frustration that would normaly go with learning a language. As stupid as i was i didnt even look at any reviews before i bought it. If i would of looked at the reviews i would of seen that the course i recieved only prepared me to learn the language and that they are going to send me 4 more corses tjat actually teach me the language along with a bill of $64 per course. I know what i have to do-i have to tell my mom about it and sge will cancel it. Im almost sure that she will alsio lose all pride and trust in me too which is my worst nightmare. Can someone please help me?

The best and only thing you can do to still show that you are mature is to tell your mom that it really was a scam so she can help you deal with the situation. It's the only grown up thing to do at this point. And're 13, im sure she is not going to loose all trust and faith because you made one little mistake...

anyone else robbed by Pimsleur approach?
I got a beginner set of tapes from Pimsleur / stoll "Spanish" and canceled almost immediately. That cost $10.00. I told them I was a disabled veteran with some memory problems, that's why the course didn't work for me. They used it against me. They kept sending the stupid tape (2) packages and when I received the second one I taped them together and sent them back. They have stolen $180. from my credit card and tried to steal another $60.+ dollars. I finally caught them. they say they received one but not the other-"THEY WERE TAPED TOGETHER." GET one you got both. I thought they were a trustworthy company but I was wrong..Anyone else robbed by Pimisleur / stoll ? I want to know how deep it goes??? Anyone????

I too ordered the $9.95 intro disc through some PCH promotion. Later I received a package in a plain white box, with no Pimsleur identification on it. I get a lot of mail and didn't open it right away. When I noticed that some $66 had been charged to my credit card, I did open the box and saw that it was from Pimsleur. When I called about returning it, I was told that I was way outside the 30 day return period (fine print I don't recall seeing) and that I was to be charged three more installments of $66 to pay for this one shipment. Since this is not a perishable item, and I never took the product from the box, I don't see why they won't take it back. Talk about Buyer Beware! If this was a reputable company with a decent product, they wouldn't try to fool people like this.

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