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How To Cancel Nutrisystem

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Does celery cancel out the foods you eat?
Meaning like, if you eat a hershey bar, followed by a few celery sticks, do the celery sticks cancel out the hershey bar? I've heard this from quite a few people. I'm on Nutrisystem, so will eating celery sticks with my meals help me lose more weight?

No food doesn't cancel out other food because what you eat has to go through your body. You are carrying the food from yesterday, last week, last month and even last year. 1% of that Hershey bar may stick with you for the rest of your life (and you don't want any foods to stick with you that long, especially unhealthy ones).

How many of you have tried the Nutrisystem Diet and has it worked and been worth the $$$$?
Thanks in advance for your comments. I am thinking about trying the 28 day meal plan (they send you food for 28 days) but it is kinda pricey. I dont wanna take the plunge if it doesnt work.

I tried this diet and it did work very well. I lost pretty fast, about 30lbs, and i kept it off. But you also have to exercise and stay very commited. If you don't, it won't be worth the money. But it is sorta hard not being able to eat the old foods. They have pretty good food that grows on you after a while. I do know that it is harder for women to lose the weight, seeing that my sister had a slower time with it. But if you're planning on getting it, i recommend the plan where they autoship every month unless you cancel. The price of it keeps decreasing. I wish you luck if you decide to do it. I hope I helped!

Anyone who's been on Nutrisystem -- how did the food taste?
I was wondering about the flavor of the food. I know about healthful eating and to increase one's physical activity to burn calories and lose the weight, but I was thinking of Nutrisystem to not have to worry about preparing food or whatnot. I was just wondering if their food is as good as some say that it is and if we get to choose which entrees that we will receive. Thank you for all of your input!

I thought the food was gross! The burgers Dan Marino raves about are freeze dried. You have to re-hydrate them with hot water. The eggs are powdered, the pudding is gritty, the ham is like SPAM and the dog would not even eat the muffins. The breakfast cereal was OK but it was really just re-packaged Cheerios and Shredded Wheat. The soy pretzels were OK. Nutrisystem customer service is hard to reach. You do get to choose your items from a list but the regularly substitute items and you have go through the hassle of getting an RMA and shipping the stuff back. I had to sit on hold for 40 minutes to cancel my subscription. For the cost of Nutrisystems, you could buy the frozen Weight Watchers or South Beach meals and get better tasting food. However, if you are still interested in trying...check out eBay. there are several lots of Nutrisystems you can try without subscribing. Just enter Nutrisystem Lot as your search key. You will also find a few sellers that have $30 off coupons for subscription to Nutrisystem.

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