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How To Cancel Money Order

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How can I stop/cancel a money order?
Hi, Do anyone know the basic procedure to stop or cancel a money order? I have send a money order to a friend, but then realize that I'm addressing it to the wrong location. So it has been out for at least three days now, and I'm not sure has it been processed, but is it possible for me to put a stop or cancellation on it at this time? And it's a USPS money order. Thanks.

Call the wrong location and ask them to send it back to you. They shouldn't cash it if it isn't theirs to cash.

can you cancel a money order without a reciept?
I sent money to a friend and didn't keep the receipt. He said he never got it, so can I cancel the money order without having a receipt? Where would I go to do that?

Unless you know the serial number of the money order (to run a tracer on it), you're SOL.

How do you get your money back from a money order?
Let's say you buy something through a money order and the product never comes, is there any way to cancel the money order and get your money back like through the receipt?

Yes. But you won't get everything you spent back. The fee for getting the money order you don't get back. And then there is most like a fee for a stop payment on the uncashed money order, just like a stop payment on a bank check. If the person cashes the money order, you would have to sue the person who cashed it if they didn't fulfill their end of the deal after cashing it.

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