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How To Cancel Lexington Law

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Anyone cancel Lexington Law then receive a letter from Sentry Credit, Inc. or Midland Credit?
After cancelling a Lexington Law account, has anyone received a credit collection letter from a creditor that they had not previously heard from and for an account which does not exist?

Old debt are sold and resold over and over again. It could be one of your old debts that is resurfacing, or it could be a mistake. Ask for proof.

How to improve a credit score?
I am disabled and divorced. My credit score right now is very very low its 507. I have been out of work now for 18 months living on 40% of my income. My ex wife stopped paying the mortgage. The mortgage was onlycin my name. The bank took it back and fireclisedcon the house. She didn't care because twas my credit not hers. Because of my disability I was in the hospital for months. I cannot pay my medical bills or credit cards. All of my bills are in collection accounts now. One company took me to court. The judge told them they can't garnish money etc from me because my only source of income is from disability. Found out also they cent garnish from pensions either. At the end of this month I can retire and get my pension. I am trying to find a better place to live. I have 4kids under the age of 13. They don't really enjoy my 1200 square foot condo. How can I get my credit score higher. I have filled out applications but as soon as they seey credit score they turn me down. I have 22 bad reports on my credit report mostly medical bills. I contacted one company Lexington Law that said for $95 a month they will mail each creditor and they have 30 days to respond or they can take that item off my credit report. They told me normally medical bills they can take off easily. I can cancel them anytime I want. So is it worth doing it for 2-3 months and see what happens. I have been told I need to get the score at least to 580 for them to approve me. Any other suggestions. I need to move from my place in 2-3 months.

The credit bureaus have a well defined guideline that is used to award credit scores. This structure considers five key factors when calculating credit scores. More you got here:

Is there a reputable company in the Philippines that help me repair my credit rating?
I used to have 2 credit cards from Citibank (in the Philippines) -- Visa and MasterCard. Unfortunately, I was not able to pay these cards on time so I decided to cancel them while paying for the remaining balance. However, I was only able to pay off completely one credit card. Now that I'm more financially stable, I decided to apply for a new credit card. Unfortunately I was declined probably because of my bad credit record. Now, I'm looking for a reputable company (in the Philippines) that can help me repair my credit record .

Try Lexington Law. They are good. I had a friend who was in the similar situation there in PI. Here's the link:

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