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How To Cancel Job Offer

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can i cancel a job offer and employment contract?
i was offerred a job yesterday and signed a contract. HOWEVER, i do not agree on my pay rate. can i cancel the job offer and contract?

Tricky question seeing as how you have signed off on the contract. Does the contract specify what the pay rate is, if so then I would say no. If not than I am sure that you can because the terms of the contract were not all inclusive.

Is it illegal to cancel a job offer for no reason?
Hi, my dad went for an interview and got a job offer. Knowing i want the job, My dad quit my original job. Days after the company did not answer any of my mails and call. The company has canceled my job for no apparent reason. Is this legal for a company to do this? I really want to sue the company so bad.

It's legal on the ground you did not meet their requirements for the job, so if you had the money and want to sue, you don't have any legal grounds.

How to decline a job offer during an interview?
What's a polite and tactful way to decline a job offer during the actual job interview? It always makes me uncomfortable when I think that I want the job, go to the interview and decide I don't, and then have already been made an offer. How do I decline a job offer during the actual interview? I've tried before and the employer was pushy and wouldn't accept my answer.

I would never decline a job in the interview if I can avoid it. If you already have another job in hand that you plan to accept, I would cancel the interview. If you don't have another job in hand, you shouldn't immediately turn down a potential. If it doesn't sound like a job you want and they ask you in the interview if you would take it, I'd simply say, "I will need to give it some thought. When do you need an answer by?" If they push you for an immediate answer, I'd reply, "If you absolutely need an answer now, I will have to respectfully decline."

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