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How To Cancel Ios Update On Ipad

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How to cancel an app update on your ipod?
I started to update all my abs and then my internet went out. I was looking on some forums and all of the more about the ipad and when I tried them the apps deleted. I am currently running the latest iOS which is 5.1 or something like that. Can you help me pleas? thank you

If you begin the update on your iPod rather than on your computer, then it cannot be stopped.

does the ipad do generally the same things that a computer can?
If not what doesnt it do that a computer would? I realize the inconvinience of the keyboard but i also know that i can buy a regular one for it...

Yes and no. The general things an iPad can do the same as a PC or Mac are surf the web, check email, play games, music, videos, edit Office documents, view PDFs, video conferencing, you can get a 3G data plan with Verizon and AT&T that you can cancel at any time. It basically does the same things your average netbook can do. There are, however, quite a few limitations on the iPad. A big one is the lack of Adobe Flash; many websites require this software to view their videos. Another thing is the iPad lacks expansion ports: no USB or SD slots. Apple does sell a periphial connector that goes goes in the iPad's 30-pin connector, but you can only transfer videos and pictures off a USB key or an SD card. The iPad does not have true multitasking; when you switch apps, it freezes the other apps that your not using at the moment. You cannot work on two things at once. Software updates and activation require a PC or Mac as of now (this will no longer be the case in September when iOS 5 is released). Finally, the iPad's storage is also rather limited, 64 GB is the largest size it comes in. Hope this helps.

Can I cancel IOS 6 update for iPad 2?
I've began the IOS 6 update fro my iPad 2, but forgot to back everything up first onto iCloud- is there any way I can cancel the update or switch on data backup from my computer (it won't let me onto the iPad until I update- consequently erasing ALL my data because I didnt backup) If I am able to do this, please TELL ME I'm having a huge panic because all my work and documents are on the iPad

No, you can't cancel the update. And in matter of fact users who have tried to cancel the update have had their phone brink on them.

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