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How To Cancel Home Depot Order

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Where can I find childrens play sand?
I ordered from Lowes but its been 4 weeks so I canceled the order. Walmart, target, Home Depot do not have any left. Any ideas??

Weird how your stores do not have play sand. Stores like Home Depot should have it in stock because they order it regularly. In fact they should not run out, but my experience with my home depot is that they receive regular restock of things like play sand every 5 days or so.

How can I go about finding a contractor to remodel my bathroom?
I need to remodel my bathroom, but I have no clue how to find someone to do it for me. I could just find someone who advertises in the want-ads, but I don't know. Or I suppose I could go to Home Depot and have them do it. How do people typically hire someone for this sort of thing?

You need to be extremely careful of who you hire. We bought property and hired a contractor to build our house. I can tell you horror story after horror story. Check with the local building inspector or county and see if they have a list of licensed contractors in your area. Also, talk to other people who have had work done to get a recommendation. I wouldn't recommend Home Depot either. Most of their work is done by local yo-yo's who wouldn't need Home Depot if their work was any good. I tried going to them for garage doors and canceled the order when Home Depot messed that all up. My first rule of thumb is if you call a contractor and he doesn't call back or show up for an appointment, he's gone. If he can't be responsible when he is trying to get your business, then how will he be if you need to call him back because of a problem.

How to deal with bad customer service?
Here is the story again I ordered laminate flooring at home depot including installation.I had wall to wall carpet and so i had to pull it out and move all my furniture,unplug my tv,pc and all the night before as they were coming in the next morning.But when they came in that morning and unwrapped the materials the we had special ordered thru HOMEDEPOT a week before they discovered that it did not include any moulding.And so for that the guys said we have to wait another whole week as it has to be special ordered.In the meanwhile we'll be without any carpet on the cold concrete floor, without furniture and any tv/pc/entertainment.My question is How to exactly deal with this the proper way because i don't to want to speak with some store manager and have to wait for a resolution.Should i contact thier corporate office and if i do which would be better a verbal or Written?Any specfics i should mention/any special wordings i should use?PLEASE HELP ME!I am so pissed with them!Thanks alot! **this a follow up question what i posted yesterday** I spoke to the store manager yesterday night and she said any compensation could be only done or discussed after the job is done.WHAT SHOULD I DO ?Shall i just ask for a refund? I was very polite and did not pose any question like i need a compensation. The problems i am havibg right now because of all this mess - -Cold concrete floors -Floor condition not suitable to move back the furniture for the time being. -Lost wage for the dayoff i took on the day of installation -No TV or any entertainment or in other words no living room. -Its gonna take another week for them to get the material and resume and i will wait for that long!

They inconvenienced you.Find out DISTRICT managers name and call him,record conversation,let him know whats going on and how you can be compensated for the inconvenience.If you still get no satisfaction take them to civil court.OR cancel everything-did you give them any money yet?What a bunch of losers.Sue them for any money already paid if they won't give it to you.

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