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How To Cancel Graze Box

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Can anyone tell me how to cancel my graze box?
I ordered a graze box and now want to cancel, I can't find the button to cancel my order can anyone tell me exactly where I can find it. Thanks very much.

see How do I cancel my deliveries? Just go to your deliveries page. On the right, select 'box options' then 'make a change' and choose 'cancel weekly box' for each of your weekly deliveries. Found on graze site

Is it a bad idea to eat nuts and dried fruit when trying to lose weight?
I just started a diet and bought dried fruit and nuts as a healthy snack for in between meals. But then I saw that they contain a lot of calories should I therefore stay away from them?

They are really very good for you, fruit and nuts do contain calories BUT they are much much better for you than sweets/chocolate/crisps that contain the same amount of calories because of the type of sugar they contain. I would really recommend getting a healthy snack box from, i have a code for a FREE box if you like? :) J2JTM1R you order nuts, berries, dried fruits, low calorie treats, etc and it gets sent to you in a box that fits through your postbox. they are SO DELICIOUS! and if you don't like it you can cancel your order! enjoy :)

What is wrong with my lap-top cursor/mouse?
My lap-top is constantly clicking on things while I hover over them. If I'm say in a word document it would highlight a portion of it on and off. Like it flashes. Also, it wouldn't let me type in words fully it would highlight the letter I typed in and then unhighlight it so when I type in more letters it would cancel out.

10 to 1 this is a laptop using a touch pad mouse. And if so, the problem is in the Synaptics software configuration. The sensitivity of the touch pad is too high and is actually malfunctioning due to the heat of the laptop. And also you may be slightly grazing the pad with your palm. To correct this issue, I would goto your laptop's manufacturers site and download the latest Touchpad (Synaptics) driver. Then run the configuration utility which will appear in the form of a grey box down by your clock which displays a green dot when the touch pad is pressed. Right click on that icon to access the configuration or settings portion of the software.

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