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How To Cancel Flipkart Order

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How long does it take for the product to be cancelled in
I have wrongly ordered two products from I cancelled it today afternoon. How long does it take for it to be cancelled. The order still says 'Payment successfully authorized'.

Normally in such situation you need to call the customer care to stop the order placed wrongly or refuse the order when delivered and give the reason for rejection.

i pre ordered WWE 13 on flipkart and canceled the order after a week will they still deliver the game?
i pre ordered WWE 13 on flipkart but then i thought of saving up money and canceled the order will they still deliver the game it will release in november 2012 please help!

No they will not because I am a regular customer of flipkart!!!

what happens if an order gets cancelled on ebay when we used coupon for discount ?
Hello, So I want to know what happens when like if we have bough something worth 12$ on ebay and used 10$ gift coupon we got from somewhere and paid 2$ via paypal, and after that if the seller cancels the order for some reason then what will happen ? will we get 2$ in paypal or 12$ ?

They will return you remaining money .The coupons money will not been refundable. If you wan to buy online coupons then I recommend you to buy from : is a discount coupons and deals distribution platform. It displays discount coupons on offer to retail buyers from almost all Indian Ecommerce websites. It’s easy ‘search’ lets users find coupons quickly and make a huge savings in almost all the purchases they make online. Discount coupons of around 200+ stores are currently provided on and the number is increasing everyday. Discount coupons are categorized into Aparrel, Electronics, Kid Stores, Computers, Travel, Restaurants, Personal and Health Care, Fashion and Luxury, Home Appliances, Jewelery, etc.

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