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How To Cancel Ee Contract

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Are phones 4 u or EE responsible for cancelling my contract?
An EE advisor gave me wrong info and I am now outside my 14 cancellation period with phones 4 u but EE are saying they cant cancel it and p4u are saying the same thing??

Even if you did receive the wrong had 2 full weeks in which to read any documentation given to you, And as probably this info is 2 line at most, neither can be "blamed" to the extent it negates the contract The contract effectively has been ratified as the 14 day grace period has elapsed.

Can i get away from orange now?
Hi all i currently have a orange contract and ive now seen they are turning there internet into this new EE rubbish now my question is i never agreed to have EE i agreed to have orange mobile broadband so with this in mind seen as they have broken there contract can i just cancel it.

if they broke the contract than yes you should be able to cancel.

Mobile contract billing date question?
I recently signed up for a mobile contract with EE. I got a piece of paper in the mail saying "payment due within 14 days of bill date". I was under the impression that you had to pay on the billing date. So if I miss the billing date but pay within those 14 days, that's alright? I won't get any trouble and they won't take away my remaining minutes/unlimited texts until I pay? Okay sorry, I'm having a little trouble with your answer. You're saying either I'll be fine OR I won't?? So have the 14 days already been counted? And does that mean I have to pay on the billing date? So if the billing date was the 12th, would the collection date be the 26th or would the the money go out on the 12th?

Using your example in the additional details, if your billing date is the 12th, EE will take the money from your account on the 26th - 14 days after the billing date. There are 3 important dates in each monthly billing cycle: 1. The anniversary date: This is the date your allowances get reset, and all your minutes, texts and data start again. For example, if your anniversary date is the first of the month, all your new minutes, texts and data allowances will start again on the first of the month. Any unused allowances, such as left over minutes, etc, will be cancelled and cannot be used. So if you have, say, 100 minutes left on the day before your anniversary date, then it's a case of "use it, or lose it". So if you don't use those 100 minutes, in the example above, they will not carry over to the next month, giving you an extra 100 minutes, on top of your allowance. They will be cancelled, and you will start again. The same is due for any unused texts or data - use it, or lose it, is the key. The anniversary date is usually based on the date you take out the contract, but not always. For example, if you took out the contract on the 10th of the month, this would usually mean that on the 10th of each month, the allowances would be reset, as in the paragraph above. 2. The billing date: This is when you receive your bill, either online, or on paper, depending on which option you have chosen when you signed up. This gives you a chance to check that you are being billed correctly, and allows you time to get sufficient money into your bank account to pay the bill. The billing date can be set at any time, according to what the network want to do, and what arrangement you have made. It is typically two weeks after the anniversary date, but this is flexible. 3. The payment date. This is the date the money is actually taken from your account, to cover the bill. For example, you can set it to leave your account a day or two after your salary is paid into your account, and it will go out on that date each month. So if your salary is paid on the 30th of the month, the payment date could be on the first or second of the next month. If the billing date is a non-banking day, such as a Sunday, Bank Holiday, Christmas Day, etc, the money will usually leave the account on the first working day after that date. For example, if your payment date falls on a Sunday, the payment would be taken on the following day (Monday), or Tuesday, if the Monday is a bank holiday. Some networks take the money early when Sundays, bank holidays, etc are involved, but I don't know what EE do on those dates, as I am not with them. They will be able to advise you what will happen in those circumstances, so that you can be prepared. I hope this helps to clarify the dates involved in monthly contracts.

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