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How To Cancel Busch Gardens Pass

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i just bought my universal studios annual pass online,but the email i gave was cancelled so i just uncancelled?
but i did not get the confirmation email, or the print at home ticket. what do i do? where do i go? help please.

I'd call their customer service number in the morning. Not sure how Universal Studios works but when you purchase a season pass for Busch Gardens through their website, your information is entered into their computer so they can just look you up. It could be the same with Universal Studios too. But calling their customer service number will give you the chance to talk to a live person and they should be able to look up your information without you having to waste time driving all the way to the park for nothing.

busch garden pass cancellation?
Is it possible to cancel my Busch garden 1year ez pay pass without waiting for the 12 months?

i found this May I cancel my EZpay account before my commitment term ends? Members may not cancel during their initial term of membership. Should any actions on your part result in cancellation during that period you’ll be required to provide payment in full for each Pass purchased. After your initial term of membership has ended, you may cancel at any time by calling 1-888-800-5447.

how i get flex payment for a theme park?

"EZ-Pay" is only available for their Annual Passes and only if you use a Credit Card. You just have to let them know you want to use the EZ-Pay option. You can also set this up on-line to receive an E-Ticket that would be converted to the pass once you arrive at the park. Then every month they then automatically charge the set amount to the same card. Depending on which park you purchase the pass and what pass you purchase this will be about $7-$18 a month for the year. Just remember that this is an contract, so don't think you can do this, pay a few months and cancel it. If you do you will still need to pay the remaining balance.

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