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How To Akc Register A Dog Without Papers

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Can you register a dog without papers on the parent?
I want to register my dog. He is full blooded. He is 18 months old.Is it possible to register my dog without knowing his bloodline? If so how and where?

You can get limited registration for the purpose of showing your dog in obedience, rally, agility, etc but not for the purpose of being able to say you are breeding a "registered" dog or for showing in conformation. AKC offers an ILP number for a dog who is of a recognized breed. It is a limited registration. UKC offers limited registration for any breed/mix breed.

How can I register my purebred dog on AKC without his mother or litter registered already?
I have tried to register my dog to AKC but I can't seem to get the papers. Can somebody help me?

You are out of luck, you can't register a dog whose parents or parent are not registered and the litter was not registered. You can however neuter/spay the dog and get an ILP/PAL number to compete in performance events if you want.

How do I register my dog?
I bought my dog from my dad's friend but none of his dogs are registered. And I want to register my dog with AKC but it says the parents have to be registered with them as well. But they're not. So how do I and where can I register my dog without the parents being registered? Also I live in Ca 90020 Is it not illegal to have an unregistered dog in California? And I do not plan to breed my dog and take any show dog events. I just want him as my buddy.

The AKC is the American Kennel Club used by breeder and people who show dogs....these are pure bred dogs. You cant just register her for it, without proof she is pure bred that comes from her parents papers. You don't need to register the dog pretty much, just love it and take care of it!

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