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How To Add X And Y Axis Labels In Excel 2010

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Making a graph on excel?
I need to make a graph on excel comparing the shark attacks in austrailia vs the ones in florida. I can't figure out how to punch the information in to make the graph look the way i want it to. I would like the years (1999-2009) to be on the y-axis and the number of shark attacks (ranging from 1-32) to be on the x-axis. How do i type this into excel? And i would like to create a line graph. Thanks!

I'm going to answer assuming you're using Excel 2007 or 2010. Say so if otherwise. Set it up in Excel with three labeled columns. For example, in the first column, type "Year" in A1, 1999 in A2, and so on down to 2009 in A12. In the second column, type "Australia" in B1, and then the numbers down the column. In the third column, type "Florida" in C1, and then the numbers down the column. Then, highlight column B. Click on Insert-> Line Chart and choose the first one (2D Line/Line). This will give you a very simple chart, just displaying the Australia numbers. Then, with your chart selected (so you can see the Chart Tools options), click on Design and then Select Data. Under Horizontal Axis Labels, click Edit. Select cells A2 to A12 and click Okay. This will give you the years under the data. Finally, under Legend Entries (still in Select Data), click Add, click on the box for Series Name and then click on C1, then click on the box for series values, delete what is in there already, select cells C2 to C12, and click Okay. Use Chart Tools -> Layout to fix up your chart title and just drag on the corner to adjust its size. That should do it!

How to set up a line graph in Excel 2010?
I need to set up a line graph using Excel for my Chemistry class. I've never used Excel before and all the tutorial's I've used just confuse me. I need to be able to set up a line graph using (x,y) coordinates. I also need to be able to label the x-axis and y-axis. And, I need to be able to graph the best fit line on the same graph. On the x-axis I need to have different points. (1, 2, 3...etc.) I also need to label it as "Displaced Volume." On the y-axis I need to label it as "Mass of shots." Here's some examples of the data I need to plot: Point 2 - Displaced volume = 2.5, Mass of shot = 5.97. So, I need to plot the point (2.5, 5.97) Point 3 - Displaced volume = 4.5, Mass of shot = 11.59. So, I need to plot the point ( 4.5, 11.59) I also need to graph the best fit line, with the slope: 5.62/2. I can graph this all by hand, but I can't figure out how to use Excel 2010. If someone could please explain it to me, or give me a link to a good tutorial, I would be very grateful.

Hi, Assuming you've opened Excel(!) and are looking at a blank worksheet, hopefully this will help: 1 - Click in cell A1 (top left of the grid of cells) and type in Displaced Volume and press Enter. 2 - Click in cell B1 (one cell to the right of A1) and type in Mass of Shot and press Enter. 3 - Click in cell A2 (below the title Displaced Volume) and type in your first value and press Enter. 4 - Click in cell B2 and type in the first Mass of Shot value and press Enter. 5 - Keep going until you've typed in the values for all of your data points. 6 - Select all of the cells you have typed into - you can click and drag with the mouse, or just click in cell A1 and press CTRL + A on the keyboard. 7 - From the ribbon menu at the top of the screen click the Insert tab. 8 - Click on the button with the word Scatter on it and then choose the top left option from the drop list, it says Scatter with only markers when you hover the mouse cursor over it. 9 - You should see a chart appear on the page alongside your numbers. 10 - To show the axis titles, make sure you've clicked on the chart to select it and then from the ribbon menu at the top of the screen choose Layout -> Axis Titles -> Primary Horizontal Axis Title -> Title Below Axis. You should see a label appear below the x axis - click in it and type in the text you want. 11 - Repeat step 10 to show the Primary Vertical Axis Label. 12 - To get Excel to plot the line of best fit - hover the mouse cursor over one of your data points on the chart and click with the right mouse button. Choose the option called Add Trendline. 13 - On the dialog box, choose the Linear style. At the bottom of the dialog check the Intercept box if you want to force the line of best fit to go through a specific co-ordinate. You can also check the box to show the equation on the chart. Click OK. After that you can format the various parts of the chart by right-clicking and choosing Format. Hope that helps.

Can the Y axis in excel be a range of values?
Here is what I'm working with: Performance and Merit scores are all between 1-5. On the X axis I have 4 years (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012). On the Y axis I want it to say: 4.5-5.0 3.8-4.4 3.0-3.7 2.5-2.9 2.0-2.4 2.0 And Below Is there a way to make it appear as such with an accurate bar graph? Or is excel not the program I'm looking for to accomplish this? I looked it up and some other forums suggested "whiting out" the gridlines and adding my own labels via text box on top...which I tried, and then I realized that because my ranges aren't even (starting at 2, non-even intervals) that that wouldn't work. Any suggestions?

Answer This website has some good tips if you want to do "unexpected" things with charts. It usually involves charting a second series on the same chart, and formatting its data to appear as other axes, gridlines, and such. Otherwise, you might want to reconsider how you are presenting your data.

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