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How To Add People On Whatsapp

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How does whatsapp work?
Hi everyone, so i just added whatsapp to my phone and i wanted to know how it works. i noticed something, it seemed to have automatically added all of my contacts! why did this happen? also, since my phone contacts have automatically been added, can they view who i've been talking to and who else is in my contacts? because the thing is, i have family in my contacts and i don't want them snooping around my profile and finding out who my other contacts are and who i've been talking to on whatsapp etc. so can you guys please enlighten me on how whatsapp operates? thanks very much in advance :D

First of all, Whatsapp is a messaging application specially designed for android or symbian smart phones. The additional features included in this application is that you can not only text chat but also send your pictures, videos or GPS location while chatting simultaneously. It runs by using your phone number and your address book so anyone using Whatsapp in your contact list gets automatically listed in your Whatsapp contacts. Now, if you are concerned about whether or not your activities can be monitored by your other contacts or not, rest assured. It is not like facebook where your friend list can be viewed by other friends. No one, not even your contacts can view your status changes or profile pictures until you've replied to their text chats for the first time and even when you have done so, all they can see is your profile picture, your status and your phone number. So, keep chatting without worries! :) Hope that was good enough.

How do you add contacts to WhatsApp Android?
I cant figure out how to add contacts to WhatsApp Android. My friend has the phone number for her whatsapp, but I dont know how. I tried adding the # to my contacts and then going to menu > contacts > # but it just does regular contact info. Help?

Double check your friends number. If your friend is international, you will have to prefix with + and country code on the phone number. After you double check, try Chats > + > Menu > Refresh If your friend still does not appear, email and tell them your friends number. They can check to make sure that your friend is properly registered.

How do i add contacts on whatsapp from my eTouch?
I have and eTouch and i have just downloaded whatsapp. i do not have many contacts and i have just found out my phone number people say i need people phone number to add contacts on whatsapp but i am not sure since i have not used whatsapp before. can someone tell me how to add contacts. Remember i have a eTouch (which is an android) thank you please answer A.S.A.P xx

Add 'em via typing someone's name on eTouch to your list.... Good luck!

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