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How Does Wyndham Timeshare Points Work

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How exactly does a Wyndham timeshare work?
I'm a bit confused by just some simple googling on how a wyndham timeshare works. Sometimes I see people selling points that are with a fixed timeshare location. I thougth Wyndham was just a point system where you can redeem points at any timeshare? What are the fees you pay each year? Are there some type of grandfathered accounts that don't have these fees? Thanks!

Hi Joel, I see you asking some good questions and you are thinking about buying a timeshare. 1st, please go here and read about resale values: 2nd, I think timeshares are great to use/stay at, but would only rent them. You can rent them anywhere and at anytime. There are lots of owners who would LOVE to rent you their timeshare :) To find a timeshare to rent, go here:

How do I get the best value using my wyndham timeshare points?
I have bought 63k wyndham time share points on ebay. Looking for help on stretching the points as far as possible, Help me with the in's and outs Thanks

You can ask any timeshare consultants here:

Is there a difference timeshare points from wyndahm and resale?
If i only want to use wyndham/fairfield resorts, are resale points treated any different than the points that i but from wyndham? If I did want to use a different timeshare, how do i trade my points? Can I use my points for other things like cruises, airfare, and rental cars?

Yes -- they are different. To trade your points for a different timeshare, you need to belong to a timeshare broker organization, such as RCI or II. For a fee, they allow you to exchange your "points" for other properties, get airline miles, rental cars, etc..

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