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How Does Wyndham Rewards Work

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Are any budget hotel chains better for tall travelers?
You know longer beds, higher showerheads, etc. I'm a member of Wyndham Rewards so if it's one of theirs even better.

I've found the Citizen M hotels in Europe to be good for taller people like me, but there are currently very few locations. Other than that, I haven't noticed any places that I thought were particularly good in that respect.

Can I use someone Else's Wyndham Rewards?
Hi, can I use my dad's Wyndham Rewards to get a hotel room at a Super 8 even though he won't be with us? Thanks for any help!

Hello, A member can redeem his/her points & put the reservation in someone else's name. You can call 1.866.996.7937 or go to to redeem. Here is an excerpt from the Wyndham Rewards T&C: Only Wyndham Rewards Members can redeem points in their accounts. All rewards will be shipped to the Member’s address on file in the Program except for merchandise rewards, for which Member’s can designate other addresses. Upon the request of a Member, Free Night Rewards for participating hotels in the United States and Canada, Free Night Rewards for participating hotels outside the United States and Canada, Free Night Rewards for Destination Hotels and Resorts, Free Night Rewards for Endless Vacation RentalsSM vacations, and airline tickets can be issued in the name of any person designated by the Member. Gift certificates and event tickets are not personalized and can be used by any person. Rewards are not otherwise transferable or redeemable for cash. Hope that helps!

Is there a way to save wyndham points accumulated this year for next year?
my family has a lot of points but we haven't used them yet and my mother doesn't want them to disappear. today's the last day of the year so she wants to save them for next year, is that possible? do we have to pay a fee? we have a timeshare with wyndham

I don't know about Wyndham but I have bought a magazine subscription or gift card to preserve my points with other travel groups. Give them a call and find out. From the Wyndham Site: 8. Wyndham Rewards points expire four (4) years after being posted to the Member’s account, unless forfeited or cancelled earlier due to membership inactivity or otherwise in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. All issues regarding the value, redemption and expiration of airline miles and rail points will be governed by the terms and conditions then in effect for the applicable airline or rail rewards programs. 9. Wyndham Rewards points in a Member’s account do not constitute property of the Member, have no cash value, and cannot be transferred during or after the Member’s life, by operation of law or otherwise. 10. A Member’s Wyndham Rewards account can be terminated and all accrued points cancelled or forfeited if the Member has no account activity for a period of 18 consecutive months. Account activity is defined as the earning or redemption of Wyndham Rewards points. In addition, the earning of airline miles or rail points through Wyndham Rewards and the redemption of Wyndham Rewards points for airlines miles or rail points are included in the definition of activity.

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