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How Does Vudu Rental Work

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I know Blockbuster is obsolete, but is there anything I can do with these?
I know everyone is into netflix these days but I started up a blockbuster membership a few months before all of the blockbusters in my city decided to close. I knew it was coming soon, but I got one anyway because they have a wider variety of movies. Now what can I do with it. Will it qualify me for free rentals from the website or something? Or can I use it in another city? Juts wondering before I throw away my card. Thanks.

Blockbuster is fine they just got bought by Dish Network. Sell DVD''s in mail on their websites, Guess you can see if your membership still works online otherwise, you'll have to cancel that one and create a new membership. Please keep up with the times everyone is not with Netflix these days. have you been living under a rock. Some Jump ship to Walmart's Vudu video service, .. Amazon Instant Video service due to them having more variety in movies and TV Shows

What is it about Cebu City that you like more than other parts of the Philippines?
I have never been to Cebu City but I heard that it is much better than places like Manila. Is it worth my time to go there? What makes Cebu City better or more unique than other places? How does the price of condos compare to the price of condos in Makati? How are the people different from the people in Makati? How are the beaches compared to the beaches in Luzon? On a scale of 1 to 10 where would rate Cebu City and where would you rate Makati?

Cebu versus Manila Cebu is very much like Manila, less the traffic and congestion, people-wise. It is highly developed (Cebu City is) but some areas of Cebu are still rustic, especially the northern parts of it. It has close proximity to the beach too. Mactan, Cebu is home to popular resorts like the Shangri-la Mactan, Plantation Bay Resort & Spa and Hilton. It has nice islands too like Malapascua and Bantayan. Cost of Living It is definitely lower. An apartment in Manila will cost you at least Php10,000. Condo rental will range from Php18,000 to Php40,000 depending on the number of rooms and the location. In Cebu, you can rent a two bedroom apartment for Php8,000. Condo is around Php24,000 and that's already fully furnished. The People Like any Filipino, Cebuanos are known for their hospitality. I personally find them sweet, not to mention very pretty as most of them have Spanish lineage. Think of the Lhuilliers, the Osme├▒as etc. Most of those in Cebu City are very cosmopolitan and urbane. Their nightlife is comparable to Manila's. One famous bar is Vudu. I've been there and the crowd was Cebu's yuppies and elite. In some rural areas (as I have been to Sogod), women are simpler. It really takes all kinds to make the world and so I cannot say much on this as regardles of where you are, there will always be people of varying personalities and temperaments. Beaches As I said earlier, they have really nice beaches and resorts. They're actually better than most beaches in Luzon (i.e. Batangas). Rating - Cebu A 9 as it's like enjoying the best of both worlds - urbane, city living (provided you stay in Cebu City) and the rustic appeal of its countryside. That and the fact that it has beautiful beaches and islands that are just irresistible. Rating - Makati An 8.5. Basically because I live in the heart of Makati thus malls are very close. My workplace is also just 10 minutes from where I live. It's pretty convenient. Besides, Makati (the part where I live) isn't like some Manila places (i.e. with shanties) as it's a business district and is thus very cosmopolitan.

Where to download HD movies directly from PS3?
I've downloaded movies from stagevu, and divxcrawler but they dont have the movies im looking for. and the movies i do download they look nasty. is there something i need to do to the video to make the quality better? and of coarse what is another website for FREE movies?

The only way I know to do that is buying movies from the Playstation store or one of the dvd/streaming services partnered with Sony to deliver content like VuDu, CinemaNow or Hulu Plus ! They all charge for either rentals or direct purchase !

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