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Can a Ukash voucher help me remove malware from my computer or could this be an Internet scam?
My computer was recently infected by a virus after I checked out an interesting web site. Malware suddenly appeared on my computer that encrypted the data from my hard drive. I received an email from some sort of an official instructing me to buy a Ukash voucher, give him the secret code and he would remove the malware. Is this legal? Can he really do that or could he be a scammer?

Ukash vouchers are only intended to be used at authorized sites. They are risk free unless you give the secret code out to someone who is not approved by Ukash. If you give this person your Ukash voucher, it's like handing over cash to him. Why don't you report him to the police instead? Also, report him to Ukash service representatives. Check out how to recognize scammers and the safe ways to use Ukash vouchers at:

Does the UKash police virus infect memory sticks?
Recently, I had the west yorkshire ukash police virus infect my laptop. I had it removed but now the family computer has it. Is it possible for the virus to have infected my memory stick?

It is unlikely. First, the Ukash virus is ransomware only, and does not infect by itself. Typically, it is loaded by other parasites. So if 2 PCs on household have same malware, then these things are possible (in order of probability) 1) Visited same infected pages 2) Installed same infected software with rootkit 3) Network worm in one PC infected other 4) USB Sticks 5) They accidently got infected at the same time. Make sure to scan with good anti-malware program that detects rootkits well

Do you think UKash vouchers provide backdoor to criminals?
Anybody lost money to /, please let me know. I am planning to seek legal advise regarding the operations of Ukash through PP by providing back door to criminals to exploit and ripoff the people. Ukash is even not prepared to refund the profit they have made from the stolen moneys or even tried to negotiate with their partner merchants to return the stolen money.

Never use sites or channels that do not have a good reputation. With the internet, it is easy to research the integrity of any vendor - just Google the name. With the number of scams these days, you must be very careful. Do not be attracted by what appears to be good deals and generous terms - if they appear to good to be true, they are.

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