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How Does Swagbucks Work

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What happens when you refer people to swagbucks?
I refered my brother to swagbucks, but nothing happened when he joined. It says I have one referal, but I got no swagbucks. What happened?

You don't get Swagbucks for referrals. You only get Swagbucks if your referral wins something from searching, if he gets 8 SB's for searching, you'll get the 8 as well. It's in the rules here: Someone registered to join under me, but I'm not receiving matching Swag Bucks. Why not? When you refer someone and they sign up with the link you send them, you are awarded matching Swag Bucks only for the Bucks they win while searching (up to a total of 1,000). You are not, however, awarded matching Bucks for those earned as a sign-up bonus, through Shop&Earn, from our trade-in programs, from entering Swag Codes, from Swagstakes, from friends of friends, or from any other method. It can take up to 48 hours for your referrals to show up in your account. Why haven't I received my 1,000 Swag Bucks for my referral registering? This is a common misunderstanding concerning our referral program. You are not awarded 1,000 Swag Bucks any time a user joins using your referral link. Rather, you can earn up to 1,000 matching Bucks for the Swag Bucks your referral earns while searching.

How come i never get any Swagbucks by searching?
I've started using swagbucks about a year ago and now i only have 301 swagbucks! Any tips? I don't complete the offers which requires money.

1.Answer the Daily Poll Every day - that right there is 365 per year 2. Visit the NOSO (under the earn tab) every day - that's another 365 per year 3. visit the Trusted Surveys (also under the earn tab) - another 365 per year 4. Do the trusted surveys! (ranging from 25 to 500 swagbucks per survey) 5. complete the profiles under the surveys 6. search! 7. get the swagbucks tool bar - (a buck a day) - there's another 365 per year 8. watch the blog for codes 9. if you get the toolbar.. they give out codes on that 10. swagbucks tv 11. soon coming.. some users on beta testing for swagbucks games

How do you change your age on swagbucks?
There's a new good deal on swagbucks where you can get 15 swagbucks a day for watching videos, but you can't participate in the program if you are under 18. Is there some way to change your age so that you're listed as over 18? When I signed up, I didn't think being 17 would be a problem.

this really doesn't answer your question, but I've tried swagbucks and personally don't think its worth all the time you put into it. try i thinks its a lot more rewarding for the time you put in.

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