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How Does Snapchat Score Work

How Does Snapchat Score Work

What does the score on Snapchat mean?
The score you see on Snapchat is your hiscore, it is based on the number of snaps you send and receive so the more snaps you send out the higher your hiscore will be.

How many points do you get per Snapchat?
You get 12 points per snapchat sent for the first 3 and 20 points for each thereafter that you send to the same user.

December 13 2012
How many points do you get per snapchat ? is there a way to see how many pictures have been sent?
February 08 2013
How do you get a score on snapchat? how to get high scores?
February 09 2013
If you hold down the capture photo button it will begin recording. You can make a ten second video
February 11 2013
So the Videoing want work for me.... help??
March 07 2013
My snapchat score only goes up by one each time I send and receive snaps, why is this?

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