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How Does Shopkick Work

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Why does shopkick need my cell phone number when I try to sign up?
I want to install shopKick for my iphone, but it wont let me register with out my cell phone number. Are they going to bill my cell phone?

shopkick sends an SMS with the URL to their app. They don't bill your cell phone.

Is there a shopkick promo code that gives you 100 points?
I just joined shopkick and every promo code that i have found doesnt work! Help!

yes you have to use links instead of the codes i think....

How much are Shopkick gift cards worth?
Has anyone redeemed the gift cards on Shopkick? How much did you get? Is there a set amount per point or something?

Hello if you haven't used it please go to and then download it and you'll get 100 points and I will too. Ok now that that's done yes I've redeemed two a $2 giftcard for best buy is 500 points a $5 for anywhere is 1250 then $10 is 2500 then $15 is 3750 and so on and so forth I got two $15 iTunes giftcards and a taget giftcard for $5 for my mom it comes up in your "me section as a code or a barcode for the cashier to scan and there you have it it works just like a giftcard. Any more questions just ask

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