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How Does Reddit Work

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What is the difference between reddit and meme?
What does reddit have to do with a robot sign? I know what a meme is.

Reddit is a website/online community that happens to create and propogate a lot of memes. The robot, I believe, is their logo.

How do I post a comic made on ragebuilder to reddit?
I made my first rage comic on rage builder. I was wondering how to post it to reddit and not cheez burger.

Try saving it and posting it to, then at the bottom there's a little reddit alien, click that, and it should let you title it choose a subreddit, ect. This is the easiest way I know of... look forward to seeing your comic :D

How long after deleting a Reddit account can you get the same username?
My friends deleted my reddit account like 5 minutes ago and I want my same username back but when I tried to register it says "That username is already taken by a deleted account"? Will I be able to have the same username again ever?

Honestly, you never can. The name stays in the database to keep links active, and you will have to choose a new username.

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