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How Does Pneumonia Kill You

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how fast can pneumonia kill an elderly person?
I am aware of the different kinds viral and bacteria. and then i have heard they have the deadly strain like mrsa. how fast have you seen pneumonia go and kill a person with an already weak immune system plus heart conditon

I spent 11 months of 2007 on disability due to Septicemia with MRSA. My doctor called it "broncheal pneumonia" for almost 6 weeks during which I almost die twice from my lungs filling with fluid. I finally said, "Screw this dolt.", and went to the ER. The damage required two surgeries to relieve internittent, acute, severe burning pain in my arms from the elbows down. For an elderly (age?) person to become metabolically deficient (die) from pneumonia (bacterial or viral) without and sometimes with the best of care can be as little as a few days. Or, like in my case, as long as someone can keep hanging upside down and puking copious amounts of fluid from their lungs.

What are some tips to help survive cancer and pneumonia?
My girlfriend as had pneumonia for 4 months now and it is serious. She was recently diagnosed with cancer (I expect lung cancer). She is 18 and she does not eat but she does try and drink a lot as well as have a drip and she sleeps a lot now. She will fight anything to get better and she won't give up fighting it for a second. Please would anyone help us or give us any tips to help my girlfriend get better. Any piece of information could potentially help save her life so please do not hesitate anything.

Yes main tip stay away from doctors and traditional treatments which will eventually kill her. Cancer cures have been around for 50 years but the medical establishment and the mainstream media suppress them. BUY THIS BOOK AND READ THE FACTS ABOUT CANCER AND HOW TO BEAT IT NATURALLY! What have you got to loose? a few quid, it will cure your girlfriend. Read it, explosive, shocking and uplifting. "Cancer, why we're still dying to know the truth" by Phillip Day Get it on or at Good luck.

What's the difference between bacterial pneumonia and a bacterial infection of the lungs?
What's the difference between bacterial pneumonia and a bacterial infection of the lungs? I need to know asap, any help would be amazing.

if the effects are the same, not much. they will kill you if left untreated.

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