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How do I delete photos from Picasa without deleting them from my computer?
I use Picasa occassionally for photo editing but I use another program to store and organize photos. I want to get rid of the photos saved in Picasa but I don't want to lose them in my other program. It's taking up too much space on my computer to have double photos.

It is not possible to remove (delete) photos from Picasa; however, Picasa does not make any copies of your photos or increase the amount of space used on your hard drive during normal use. Picasa scans your existing disk and displays the photos. The only time you create extra is if you use the Save (to disk) feature which is optional. Read the Picasa Help system on saving for what Picasa does and how you might delete one of the copies of your images. Otherwise, all the edits etc. are maintained in a database file(s) that are very small so you really don't have to worry about disk space and using double.

What specific internet explorer settings do I need to have to use picasa uploader?
Picasa uploader doesn't work with firefox. What specific settings do I need? I mean from Picasa to Facebook. The Picasa Uploader. I can't upload to facebook from Picasa for some odd reason.

Did you install Picasa on your computer? I upload files to my online albums with no problem. I use Firefox.

How can I see videos using picasa web albums on my smart tv?
I can see the video files in picasa on my computer. But when I go to the picasa web albums app on my smart tv, the videos are just still images. My smart tv is only smart enough to see things through the apps. It doesn't have a web browser. Thanks.

When you view the videos in Picasa, it actually invokes Quicktime or Windows Media Player to play the videos. These programs in turn "run" the video for you. When you click on a video in Picasa Web Albums on your TV, it has no Quicktime or Windows Media Player to play the video, so you see the first frame as a still. The same would apply - in general - if you had a browser on your TV as it would have to have something, some engine, to run the video. But wait, you say. Videos (as in movie disks) play fine on my TV. True - but in that case the video has been reformatted to DVD format that the TV knows how to run (has an engine or program to run). In other words, you will get stills only - sorry.

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