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What are the best times to drive on the PCH, Santa Monica to Malibu?
I'm moving to Santa Monica this April and I work in Calabasas, CA. I know PCH to Malibu Canyon is the best route for me to take. Does anyone know what times are best for driving in the mornings and afternoon? My hours for work are pretty flexible so I'm open to any times really, if you have any experience with driving in this direction. Thanks for any help! P.S. Also vice-versa as well!

I don't think PCH to Malibu Canyon Road would be the best way for everyday driving. Topanga Canyon Blvd would probably be a better choice: 1. it would make your trip more of a diagonal and less of an L 2. I think Topanga Canyon is probably not "as" curvy and mountainous as Malibu Canyon Road. Malibu Canyon is very scenic but it's one lane in each direction making it very slow and there are OFTEN rock slides or accidents making the 20min drive much much longer. - these things can happen on Topanga too but I don't think it is as common

What are nice stopovers when I take 101 and PCH from Los Angeles to San Francisco?
What are nice stopovers(restaurants, parks, or anything) when I take 101 and PCH from Los Angeles to San Francisco? I'm planning to take the 101 up to San Luis Obispo, then take the PCH going up to Monterey. Any suggestions?

Stop in Summerland (Summerland Beach Cafe) for breakfast...Stop in Cambria (Creekside Gardens) for lunch, go see Moonstone Beach. Eat dinner in Monterey. Haven't been to Monterey in years, so can't recommend. Are you doing it all in one day? or more? Stop in Santa Barbara to see the Mission. Try to do the tour in San Simeon of Hearst Castle, just north of Cambria.

Does PCH go from the southern tip of South America to Canada?
My friends and I want to plan an extremely awesome road trip, and I think I've heard that PCH goes all the way down the Pacific Coast. Is this true? When I looked it up I saw that the real PCH went from San Juan Capistrano to Eureka. Is there a way to take this road trip?

PCH, Pacific Coast Highway, or U.S. Hwy 101 does not go any farther than you saw. there are a number of ways but now i would go with an army this time. you will never make. Please read up on what's going on along our borders and even into deeper Mexico.According to the Department of Defense, Mexico is #2 behind Pakistan in unstable countries. Police chiefs are retiring all over Mexico.

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