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How Does Pch Make Money

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Can You Win Some money for matching some of the numbers on pchlotto?
Ok so I was on pchlotto and I saw that I matched 4 of the 7 numbers on the 10 million dollar lottery ticket on pch. So my question is can I still win some kind of cash even though I didn't match all the numbers? Or is not like a real lotto ticket that you would buy? Please let me know. Thanks in Advance!

Hi there, In order to win on the PCHlotto cards, you'd need to match all numbers, as stated in the Official Rules. Please see Official Rules that accompany all entries and games for winning and prize payout information. Best, Laura @ PCH

What are some online sites where i can do things to win real things and money?
I like to earn points and play games for prizes and money, but I really can't find anything out there? Anyone have suggestions ? that actually work and aren't scams =[thanks

Answer and both have games that earn you points that you can use to exchange for drawings for money and other prizes. Also, if you are like me, and after years of playing their games, you have not won a thing, you can do surveys that pay you in small amounts, but at least you get guaranteed cash and prizes for your time. I used valued, and

What will the weather be like in California in March?
I plan on going to California in March 08. I was hoping to include Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and hopefully Las Vegas. What do you think the weather will be like at that time of year? I chose March as it's the only time I can actually do it, but as I will be spending loads of money, I'd rather go somewhere else if I don't get to see much cuz of rain & bad weather - but I really wish to do California. Any suggestions or tips?

You might catch a shower or two up north. But nothing major. I'd certainly go ahead and plan the trip. Best to start in San Francisco or across the Bridge in Marin, and drive down the coast. Visit San Simeon (Hurst Castle) and take your time driving down. You'll go through Big Sur and just some amazing ocean views. This is the PCH drive. You can also go through Santa Barbra along the way. I suggest you break it up into two days, though it can be done in 12 hours or so. After Santa Barbra, get off the 101 and back onto PCH in Ventura into Malibu, Venice, Santa Monica pier. See Pepperdine University's campus. Amazing. You can take several different was up to LA from there. If you want to do the Rodeo Drive thing, go up Whilshire. It will take you there. You can also go do Universal, MGM, Knotts Berry Farm or go to Disney to see the rat. No shortage of stuff to do here. That's at least another day or two depending on your schedule. From there, it's about an hour and a half down to San Diego. Sea World is there. Go into the village of La Jolla on the way. Lot's of shops and restaurants. Also, MAKE SURE you go across the Coronado Bridge to see the Hotel Del Coronado. This is where they filmed "Some Like It Hot" with Marilyn Monroe. Part museum, part hotel, part shopping trip. Has a deck right on the beach. Music, good food and incredible view. PLUS it's haunted. Vegas? I'm not into it. SorryI cant help you there.

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