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How Does Okcupid Quiver Work

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Why am I getting all the hideous girls on this dating site?
I joined a site for dating called OKcupid. At first I just joined to take quizzes and such because a friend told me to do it. wasn't really looking to date then. now when I try to find a date, I get a few good women but mostly the worst on the site. All of my latest quiver matches made me queasy. Is there something wrong on my end or is okcupid a s***ty service?

Because only hideous, desperate, seedy girls go on dating websites.

what are good dating/ hookup/ chat sites? that are actually free?
ones that are actually free and just not free to sign up and then you have to pay for something just to message or reply or do anything.

Okcupid is free. You can upload a profile and photos, send and receive messages, build a personality profile based on lots of questions and take part in lots of fun things. You can search or browse other profiles in your area, country or abroad. It's a US based company but lots of UK people on it. They'll also send you 'quiver' matches based on your personality and profile, which you can reject or follow up. Certainly worth a try. Just stay sensible about sharing too much personal information and if you get lucky, only meet in a public place, tell a friend about the meet and NEVER go in a car with someone you don't know. (Okcupid will give you advice on this anyway). Have fun!

On what 'quivered' mean?
It says (this many) quivered. Just made my account yesterday.. I don't get it

Those are profiles they recommend for you. If you don't like them you can have them removed and they will make new suggestions.

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