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How Does Nyquil Make You Feel

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What can happen if you take and overdose if NyQuil?
I believe I took way too much NyQuil . I feel drowsy, nauseous, dizzy, all over stomach pain, my hearts beating really fast, I'm sweating, and my mouth is dry.

You can get high off of it. Try drinking water or eating something.

What are the side effects of drinking nyquil a lot?
Recently i've been using NyQuil to get me a little drunk and sleepy, and i been taking it almost every 24 hours for the last week. So what are the bad effects of drinking it alot. Also, what can i take to make me feel like Nyquil makes me feel (if there is any) that will not be so bad for me.

Nothing at first, however as with anything in excess you may begin to feel differently than normal, may experience sleep problems, restlessness, etc. This is the result of a loss of balance in your system.

What is the best way to get rid of a cold within 24 hours?
I have had a head type of cold with body aches for 3 days, but no fever. I'm starting a new job in the morning and need to feel better fast. I've been taking AirBorne, Tylenol Cold, Dayquil, and Nyquil. I still feel and sound terrible.

My Grandma always said to sweat & pee it out. Put the heat on in the bathroom, take a long hot bath, drink lots of hot liquids (no caffeine), go to bed under a mountain of blankets. It works for me every time. I hope you feel better & good luck at your new job.

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