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How Does Kfc Kill Their Chickens

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Why do companies like PETA freak out over KFC slaughtering chickens?
I don't understand it, Subway basically kills bread when your in the store! Why don't PETA care? Please tell me, in Subway. They bake bread just like KFC kills chickens.

Because it's an easy way for them to deflect attention from the awful stuff THEY do, like killing stray animals by the thousands and throwing them in dumpsters and then denying it. All in the name of being manipulative smug self-righteous psychos.

Is there any meat we eat that includes animal cruelty to make it?
Like, for example, KFC kills the chickens in very horrible ways... is there like steak or lamb chops or any other kind of animal meat that people kill in some kind of violent way? Uhh.. this question might seem weird but I have to write an essay on stuff like this. Thanks and please answer fast!

Eggs. All egg laying chickens are sent to slaughter for meat when their production decreases... This may be one of the cruelest forms of obtaining food on a massive scale. Veal (baby cows) and pate foie gras (diseased duck liver) are seen as inhumane, but are not as common and do not involve nearly as many animals as egg farms. -Egg laying hens are allowed less space than the size of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. 67-86 square inches is the space allotment per bird (8.5 x 11 paper is 93.5 square inches). - They are crowded in wire cages (referred to as battery cages) for up to 1 1/2 years before they are slaughtered for meat. At that point they are so beat-up and bruised from being crowded that they can't be sold as a whole chicken and instead need to be ground up for use in things like chicken noodle soup. -May hens get sick, injured or trapped in the wire of the cage. They do not receive any help or veterinary care. The workers are there to remove dead birds and fix the feeding machinery and egg conveyor belts. -Their beaks are trimmed (cut off) when they are chicks to keep from pecking each other in close confinement. -In the hatchery, male chicks (who do not lay eggs) are routinely discarded and ground up, suffocated in plastic bags or left to die in dumpsters. -Egg farms are massive operations with sometimes up to 3 million birds. They are houses in sheds that are as long as football fields. The cages are lined up in long rows and are stacked several cages high. It is literally impossible to give this number of animals proper care. -Sometimes birds get loose from the cages and end up below in the manure pits where they slowly die from lack of food and water. -Unfortunately, 98% of eggs in the U.S. are produced this way. (see source below) -If a carton of eggs has the "United Egg Producers Certified" check-mark logo... you can GUARANTEE it is from one of these battery cage egg farms. It used to be a program called "Animal Care Certified", but the Better Business Bureau forced them to change the name since it was misleading to the consumers. "ello" is right, sort of.... KFC chickens ARE slaughtered in the same way as all other chickens. PETA just singled them out with a campaign to get them to have better standards than the rest of the industry. Chicken slaughter is very cruel since there are no humane slaughter laws for birds. They are killed without being stunned beforehand. And often times they are actually not dead yet when they are dipped in scalding water to remove feathers.

Why do the people in skyrim freakout if you kill a chicken?
Seriously, I can rob a store and sell everything back to the shop owner and no questions asked. But when you kill a chicken, the entire town tries to kill you.

Because Cononel Sanders is the ruler of skyrim and he needs the chickens to make kfc.

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