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How Does Karma Work On Reddit

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I got five upvotes on reddit on a link and i only have two karma points?
The same happened with my comments, I have lots of positive upvotes (no negative) on my comments and its at -1. How is karma on reddit affected by the upvotes?

Karma is affected by the way the admin, mods and other users read your comments... If you lack reputation, then these people are more likely to give down votes... Good luck!

What can you do with karma on reddit?
I have a little bit of karma , but what exactly do you do with it ?

Really nothing. You just collect it. But you can "spend" karma (comment or link) by making posts that you know will get downvotes. For example, you can promote liberalism in /r/republican and spend karma very quickly. But my favorite thing to do is troll /r/christianity :D It's not hard, really.

Link karma on reddit is only 1 point. How does link karma work?
After lingering for a while, I finally starting posting links and submissions on reddit. I've submitted 6 times, and the sum of the upvotes on my submissions is 22. However, I only have 1 link karma. How does link karma work? Also, what is reddit gold? Thanks!

If they were self-posts (text posts), you don't get karma. You have to submit to a different site (or in certain subreddits, to a reddit post). And reddit gold is a premium membership.

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