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How do I get my wife and child to join me in Dubai quickest?
I am an Indian having a residence permit for Dubai and I want my wife and son to join me here. I have to get my marriage certificate attested from various agencies in India before I can apply for a residence permit for them, which will take over 20 days. I wanted to know if there was any other method of them coming over to Dubai while the attestation is being done, say, on a visit visa? Is it practical?

Contact the Dubai govt, and say "How do I get my wife and child to join me in Dubai quickest ?" . They should be able to help you .

How can I ask a female co-worker if she wants to join me for lunch?
I just started a new job and would like to make some "work friends". I am not a lesbian (just for the record), and I do not want to come out too strong nor give her the wrong idea. How can I ask her to join me for lunch this Friday in a gentle polite way? Thanks!

introduce yourself and say, "would you like to join me for lunch"

What is the procedure to apply for my fiance to join me in Canada?
I am a PR holder and would like my fiance to join me in Canada. I would like to know the procedure and steps i would need to follow. I would like to sponsor and marry my fiancé in Canada.

Look through Note, too, that there is no "fiance class" for sponsorship in Canada.

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