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How Does Ice Reduce Swelling

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How long does it take for ice to reduce swelling?
Punched on the right side of my eye and it's swelling up. How long before ice starts to reduce swelling? What else will speed up the process?

Ice can take a while to reduce swelling. You are doing the right thing. However, with your eye you must be very careful. If you start getting blurred vision or sudden onset of pain then I would contact your doctor/Casualty.

Would heat or ice reduce swelling in my nose?
I have a cold. When I broke my arm ice reduced the swelling.

Ice usually reduces swelling.

How to reduce swelling from ring finger WITHOUT removing the ring?
the ring isn't really the problem, i don't think and i know how to get it off if it is. but i woke up this morning, my ring fingers swollen. i took the ring off, then used ice to reduce swelling. it got better, so i put the ring back on, and could get it off then back on. but i took t a shower and the ring would not go back on. so i used ice again, got it on, but i don't want to take it off again, and again unless i absolutely have to. i just want the swelling to go down. help?

Sounds like you've been eating some foods that have a lot of sodium or MSG in them--chips, dips, Chinese/Mexican food, soups, etc., etc. That will make your extremities swell up within hours! Start drinking LOTS of plain water (add fresh squeezed lemon if you have it) to flush the salt from your system--8 oz every half-hour, AT LEAST. This is the only way to get rid of the excess fluid--so start now!

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