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How Does Hrothgar Reward Beowulf

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Considering Beowulf and Hrothgar. What does it mean to be a true hero?
I think that through the character Beowulf one realizes that to be a hero means at times sacrificing yourself for the good of the community. Example being Beowulf battling the dragon.

I'd consider a hero to be someone with great courage and skill who puts their own safety on the line to save or protect another person or group of people - purely because it's who they are and what they think is right, not because they desire glory or material reward. Unfortunately I think the word 'hero' is thrown around a little too much these days. It takes a lot to be a true hero, it's not something you necessarily set out to do or become but something that is thrust upon you in a time of great adversity. Being a hero is standing up and fighting for your friends, family, community and/or country and even strangers because you simply had to, even when it would have been easier to run and hide.

What are the three MAJOR tests of courage that Beowulf faces during his life?
What is the outcome of each test and how do these tests of courage earn BEOWULF great respect and honor?

To be honest, I'm not totally sure of this answer. 1. Defeating Grendel - Beowulf fights him unarmed and is victorious, tearing off Grendel's arm and leaving him to flee back to the swamp and die - he is showered with gifts and treasure from the grateful Danes, who were unable to protect themselves or stop Grendel before Beowulf came. 2. Killing Grendel's mother - Beowulf travels to the murky swamp, where he dives into the water and fights Grendel's mother in her underwater lair. He kills her with a magic giant's sword forged for a giant, finds Grendel's corpse, decapitates it, and brings the head as a prize to Hrothgar. - The Danish countryside is now purged of its treacherous monsters. The Danes are again overjoyed, and Beowulf's fame spreads across the kingdom. He then returns to Geatland and relates his adventure to the king and queen, hands over his treasure to them, and is rewarded, again. 3. Killing the dragon - King of the Geats and an old man, Beowulf needs to save his kingdom from an angry rampaging dragon. He kills the dragon at the cost of his own life: it bites him in the neck, and its venom kills him moments after their encounter - The kingdom is safe. The Geats, according to his wishes, burn their departed king's body on a huge funeral pyre and then bury him with a massive treasure in a barrow overlooking the sea.

Can someone help me with my essay about beowulf?
I have to write a theis paper. the paragraphs are supposed to start broad then work down to a thesis statement. I'm supposed to prove whether beowulf is a hero. it can include rhetorical question. I'm out of ideas so can anyone help?

If it were me, my thesis would be, "Hrothgar and his people believe Beowulf is a hero, but he really is not a hero because his motivation in saving Hrothgar and his people is for the fame and glory, not just for the sake of helping them." Since I do not know the specifics of your essay, decide where you should put this in the essay. The following are some ideas you can use inside of your essay. 1. Begin your essay with background on the time in which it was written: which is most likely between 1000 and 1500 (Mideaval Period). Explain that this is important in understanding the style of the poem. This period was concerned with chivalry and being rewarded for good deeds. The author of the poem is unknown which is very typical of the period as well 2. Then in your next paragraph, explain the style which is that it is an epic poem. With internal rhymes which were used because it was originally presented orally and this makes it easier for a presenter to remember. it is also used in order to push the reader/listener forward in the story (it is called alliteration). 3. Then explain the character of Beowulf. He is all about action. There is no instance in the poem where the reader gets to see what is going on inside of Beowulf's head, and because of this it is impossible to tell whether Beowulf had a motive other than fame and glory in killing Grendal. Beowulf really does not care what happens to Hrothgar's people because he kills things so easily showing that he does not have a value on people's lives. He leaves his homeland in order to find fame and glory, not because he truly wanted to save Hrothgar and his people. This is why he is not really a hero, because the reader cannot find any honorable reason for Beowulf to travel so far. 4. Hrothgar and his people view him a hero solely because he killed Grendal and then sook further revenge and killed Grendal's mother, which helped the town out. In this sense Beowulfs a hero, but you should argue that he truly is not because his motivation is for riches and fame. Another bit of support you could use for this point is that Hrothgar is famous for giving out the booty. This is possible motivation why Beowulf wanted to help Hrothgar, he knew he would be rewarded very well for his services.

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