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How Does Gympact Work

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I want to use a smartphone to use an app (GymPact). What's the cheapest way to use the phone?
See, I don't have a cell and don't need one, as I work from home and rarely go out. I just use a landline. But I go to the gym, and want to use a new app called GymPact, which soon will be available to any smartphone. So I want to get a cheap smartphone, and since I've never had a cell, I don't know the cheapest way to activate it. I don't need a plan, I don't need any minutes on it since I won't be using it for calling, just for the app. So how should I do it? Can I get something like a prepaid smartphone and then just put the minimum minutes on it? Does the app use minutes? (It's a thing where you go to the gym and it verifies that you're there, or you have to pay money for missing your workout - it's an incentive thing.) What sort of plan should I get, and what's the best cheap smartphone (probably used off Craigslist)? Thanks.

Instead of buying a cell phone with a plan, you should consider buying a used or new iPod Touch. They can run all the same apps as the iPhone and they don't require you to buy a contract or pay for minutes or a data plan. The cheapest current iPod Touch is $200. However, you can buy a used one from places like eBay or Amazon to get a great deal on a used one. For internet, it is compatible with WiFi, and if you need to talk, you can get a free texting app which gives you your own phone number at which people can call you or text you while you are connected to the internet.

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